アーモンド Almond
Almond MPJ.png
Gender Male
Birthday September 1
Hometown Unnamed
Region Kanto
Trainer class Trainer

Almond (Japanese: アーモンド Almond) is a main character in Magical Pokémon Journey. He is a Pokémon Trainer, although he is not shown actually using or successfully capturing any Pokémon.

Almond is the main love interest of Hazel and Coconut. Hazel's interest in Almond is the basis of the plot; Hazel seeks a love potion from Grandpa so that Almond will finally fall in love with her.

Despite the fact that Hazel and Coconut's rivalry over Almond is the focus of the story, he seems aloof to them and annoyed by their attempts to win him over. He expresses annoyance in particular that they are constantly distracting him from his Pokémon Trainer's journey, preventing him from capturing many Pokémon. However, he is also seen participating in events with the rest of the group, such as in Even an Arbok Falls in Love!, where he helped the others build Arbok a statue of roses to give to Wigglytuff.

Almond is close to Squirtle. Squirtle admires Almond deeply and views Almond as the big brother he never had.


Language Name Origin
Japanese アーモンド Almond From the almond nut
English Almond Same as the Japanese name
French Armand Phonetically similar to "Almond"
Italian Mandorlo Italian for almond
Korean 아몬드 Almond Same as his Japanese name
Chinese (Taiwan) 亞蒙 Yǎméng Transliteration of his Japanese name
Chinese (Hong Kong) 阿望 Á Mohng Transliteration of his Japanese name, 望 means "hope"
Chinese (Mainland China) 阿望 Ā Wàng Same as Cantonese name

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