Hi! My (User)name is Waterninja12345 and I am a big fan of Pokemon.

Pokemon History - My first time encountering Pokemon was when I watched the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl anime. After that, I forgot about Pokemon midway (;_;) But then remembered it when I entered secondary school, where I made a friend who liked the show. I then started to watch Pokemon Best Wishes, which ended up being my favorite series. After that, My brother got Pokemon White (which he lost), but before that, it influenced me to get Pokemon Black, which became my first Pokemon Game. Later, I would play my brothers own Pokemon Pearl game, which was a little less enjoyable . The I got Pokemon X, which I loved, then, later on, I ended up getting Y, White 2, White and Black 2.

Shipping I support -

ArmourShipping - This is the main shipping I support between Ash and Serena. Its due to a load of Serena's reactions to Ash and others characters who talk to him.

AttractShipping - This is a shipping I thought up which feature a relationship between Ash's Pikachu and Ash's Snivy. It's due to many of they interactions thoughout the Best Wishes Series

My Pokemon Timeline:

Pokemon Red, Blue & Yellow(Gen 1)/ Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire & Emerald(Gen 3)

  • 3 Years Later*

Pokemon Gold, Silver & Crystal(Gen 2)/ Pokemon Diamond, Pearl & Platinum(Gen 4)

  • 5-7 Years later*

Pokemon Black & White(Gen 5)/Pokemon X & Y(Gen 6)

  • 2 Years Later*

Pokemon Black 2 & White 2(Gen 5)

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