User:Satsjoe/Sun's Pokémon History

This page shows the history of Sun's Pokémon team.


Image Description
  Sun adds Cent, one of his great-grandfather's Alolan Meowth, to his team.
  Sun receives a Litten from Professor Kukui and nicknames him Dollar.

Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon arc

Image Description Chapter
  Sun clears the Brooklet Hill trial. Defeat and the Commander of the School of Fish
  Sun catches a Totem Wishiwashi and nicknames him Quarter.
  Dollar is revealed to be in possession of a Firium Z. Homecoming and the Brilliant Professional Golfer
  Dollar evolves into Torracat. Unleashing the Incredible Z-Move
  Sun catches a Totem Mimikyu and nicknames him Penny. A Raid and Po Town
  Sun clears the Thrifty Megamart trial.
  Sun catches a Crabominable and nicknames him Loot. Battle in Vast Poni Canyon
  Sun catches a Stakataka and nicknames it Drachma. Madness!! Mother Lusamine!
  Dollar evolves into Incineroar. Tyrant!! The Fiendish Man!