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This is something you have never seen on the Bulbapedia before. I'm creating a great action which is called:

I'm calling everyone who has English Pokémon Anime DVDs! Please, take those DVDs out from your shelf and check the names for characters using subtitles. Or check the closed captioning on Pokémon TV, Netflix etc.

We're looking for both - disambiguation of ambiguous spelling and the names for characters whose dub names weren't revealed in the episode itself.

Another acceptable source is Tracey West's anime novelisations. However, we consider CC and Subtitles as a superior source (so, when Subtitles and Novelisation contradict each other, we're following Subs). But the books may contain some names which the Subtitles don't have, so if you have those books, look for the names in them also.

List of Characters with unknown English name

Those characters' names weren't revealed in the episode at all. Their names may (or may not) be hidden in the DVD Subtitles or Closed Captions. Have a DVD? Please look for these characters.

Read the asterisks!

Original Series

Japanese Name Episode English name (if found)
Keita (Possible name: Keith) So Near, Yet So Farfetch'd Keith
Reiko (the Teacher, Likely name: Lacy) The Purr-fect Hero
Senta Fit to be Tide
Kōji (Entertainer) Stage Fight Len
Anne (Entertainer) Stage Fight Anne
Mikeosu (young islander) Meowth Rules
Shimajio (old islander) Meowth Rules
Ellen (Mary's mother) Mild'n'Wooly
Yosaku (Sylvester's Father/Master) A Farfetch'd Tale
Denjirō (Malachi's Grandpa) Carrying On
Keiko (Anna's redhead assistant) Hassle in the Castle
Nario (villager in green shirt) Wobbupalooza
Shinji* (another villager) Wobbupalooza
Yahichi* (another villager) Wobbupalooza
Tetsuya (Machoke Owner, red haired rascal) Wobbupalooza
Tsuyoshi (Hitmonlee Owner, blue haired rascal) Wobbupalooza
Hisashi (Primeape Owner, yellow haired rascal) Wobbupalooza
Tōkichi (old man, the mentor) Ariados, Amigos
Haruno Turning Over a New Bayleef
Tenma (Skyler's Father) The Big Balloon Blow-Up

Advance Generation

Japanese Name Episode English name (if found)
Mr. Grimm's first name* Disaster of Disguise Tommy Grimm
Mrs. Grimm's first name* Disaster of Disguise
Yaohei A Double Dilemma
Otane (Kelly's Mother) Pokéblock, Stock, and Berry
Jump Saved by the Beldum
Rikako (Mitch's wife, may be called "Mrs. Mitchum") Rough, Tough, Jigglypuff
Hiroshi (boy with a Poliwag, appears at the beginning) Curbing the Crimson Tide
Oriba (brown-haired boy with a Marowak) The Ole' Berate and Switch

Diamond & Pearl

Japanese Name Episode English name (if found)
Yōko* A Grass Menagerie Yoko

Movies and Specials

Japanese Name Episode English name (if found)
David (the Hale residence Butler) Spell of the Unown David
Towa* Pokémon 4Ever Towa
Mr. White* Pokémon 4Ever Mr. White
Bogie Jirachi: Wish Maker
Gurū (Battle Tower Announcer) Destiny Deoxys
Jenny (the old woman, Cameran Palace servant) Lucario and the Mystery of Mew
Maki* Rise of Darkrai Allegra*
Dai* Rise of Darkrai Kai*
Luka Carson Mewtwo Returns Luka Carson
Jūbei* Training Daze Jubei
Masae* (the old woman) Journey to the Starting Line

Characters with unknown exact English name spellings

Original Series

Possible Spellings Episode Actual spelling (if found)
Kas Gym Leader/Kaz Gym Leader* Showdown in Dark City Kaz
Growlie/Growly* Holy Matrimony! Growlie*
Wilhelmina/Wilhemina For Crying Out Loud Wilhomena
Maisy/Maizie/Macey/Macy Going Apricorn Maizie
Alex Davis/Davies Power Play Alex Davis
Sophia/Sofia Moving Pictures Sophia
Vidso (countless possible spellings) The Screen Actor's Guilt Vitzo
Ariene/Ariane/Arianne Hi Ho Silver... Away Ariene
Calista/Callista Xatu the Future Calista
Madeleine/Madeline/Madelyn Enlighten Up Madeleine

Advanced Generation

Possible Spellings Episode Actual spelling (if found)
Old Man Obee/Obi Grass Hysteria Obee
Madeline/Madeleine/Madelyn Clamperl of Wisdom Madeleine
Cadee/Cathy/Katie A Chip Off the Old Brock Katie
Jeannie/Jeanne/Jennie May's Egg-Cellent Adventure Jeannie

Movies & Specials

Possible Spellings Episode Actual spelling (if found)
Felina Ivy/Philena Ivy* The Power of One* Philena Ivy*
Freddie/Freddy (the guy who danced with Jessie and May) Lucario and the Mystery of Mew Freddy *
Colin Calyx/Cullen Calix Mewtwo Returns Cullen Calix
Georgio/Giorgio A Date with Delcatty


Support the project by spreading the word, buying DVDs and telling your friends about that! I'm expecting this project to be successful!