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Welcome to My Character InfoBox (CIB) Page!

Okay, so this is my infobox for my main Azure42 page, this format was taken once again from Jediknightdtv who obtained it from Takharii, if you are to use this format, follow these 3 rules.

1) Ask me or Jedi for permission
2) Change the format to a style that will compliment your page and not ours so; pictures, border colors etc.
3)Credit Takharii on your page as they did make it possible for you to have it

Other than that, have fun :D (if you're seeing the Template:1 thing right now, it's just there in place of undesigned pages, it will be changed)

クロムのヴォイド Chrome Void
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Name Danny
Gender Male
Age 18
Trainer Class Pokémon Trainer, Professor, Breeder, Champion, Pokémon Master
Joined 22nd November 2010
Hometown St Neots
Debut Episode EP001
Debut Round PS005
Counterpart(s) ChromeVoid42, Red
Me, In Brief


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