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Welcome to my ChromeVoid42 page, for you to be seeing this page 2 things must be happening
Pikachu respects you :P
  • You guys are as hard as Nails, good for you ;D


  • The navigation page i've made hasn't fully warned you about the content that will eventually be on this page

Either way, thanks for stopping by :D

ChromeVoid42, as you may know, is a place where i'll be using more details, opinions, stories and possibly more usertags. When this page is done it will be loaded with stuff about me for your viewing pleasure :D

Before there was shipping, there was AAML
Previously on this page i told you i was a huge Pokeshipper (and i do mean huge), in addition to that i told you that i treat Shipping a little like religion, but i won't explain that just yet ;)

Another fact to leave you with is that i'm making a GenVI game, currently i'm in the design of routes and i've already briefed the storyline of the game and titled 2 chapters worth of rounds the manga (i also have 2 more Adventures Chapters to round, and 4 of RéBurst but i dunno how long RéBurst will be so it's hard), currently hitting procrastination and just fan-art-ing scenes but, you don't need to know this ;).

I then told you that even though i am a Pokeshipper, i do not deny the fact that every girl Ash has travelled with shows some attraction to him. However, i do solely and Strongly believe that Ash is in love with Misty, and always has been (and Misty to Ash). But this is only my opinion, i'm not here to convince or to argue with users otherwise.

The Next thing i'll tell you about me is that i have a strong despise for Dawn. Sometimes it's just that unexplainable kind of hate, but some factors are that i think the shipping is practically non-existent (and a little blasphemous) but also that her character is both boring and overly attended to (again, my opinions here, not trying to make wars). It also enrages me when traits of main characters mirror Misty's (e.g. Cilan's special lure and Iris' fear of Ice-types to say a few), i'm not too sure about when it's done to other characters but if i notice it i do scold the lack of originality, such as Ash's suit in Luke's Movie mirroring Sir Aaron's and Robert being similar to Todd Snap.

I have only properly read 1 volume of the Pokemon adventures manga (though i do keep tabs here) i also admired the Girl in the black dress. In addition i am also a MangaPokéshipper, an Agencyshipper and also a Franticshipper.

More facts; i am also a Digimon fan!!! *epic shocking close up*

Yes i do like both parties that clash in similarity; but i'm more into pokémon don't worry ;) - but for Digimon my favorites were plain and simple; favorite digimon partner was Patomon (fave digimon itself was either Angemon, Saraphmon, Omnimon, Blackwargreymon or Mangamon), fave character TK, fave series 1st and 02 and fave ship Takari (TK and Kari). I stopped watching after the 3rd series - and i don't play the games or read the manga, which makes Pokémon superior to it ;D.
how could you not d'aww at that face :P

More things, as well as the little black dress, i am a fan of White, i think it's been more revealed as i can't stop awwwing at her young self XD. I find her interesting, passionate and i hope she does get more Pokemon (and her ownback on Gigi) and becomes an official Pokedex Holder of, which i think the skill will be, Ideals (as she dreams a lot about success while Black is more about discovering the Truth), i also ship them together (as you saw before)

I really have warmed to ReBurst :) at first i didn't like the concept of turning into a pokemon but now i like most of the characters; mainly Ryouga, Miruto, Rend, Hariru and Carola. I think there'll be some anti-heroing by Hariru and possibly a ship between him and Carola (who i also think will switch sides). I think Ryouga's main enemy will be the bust heart of Fire; Reshiram, i just don't like Yappy and i'm a little uncertain over Fraud and Pauline due to lack of development.

Black/White has been given the term Agencyshipping (if you didn't know), but there's none for Reburst yet. So i'm dibbsing this right now for Ryouga/Miruto Burstshipping (seems right as it's the first) and for Carola/Hariru Gavelshipping (as they're in the Great Gavel). Use it and spread it across the world :D. Another fact is that i've caught Pokérus on White, and i've spread it to every pokemon i have, mwahahahaa

Now i have spread Pokerus to all of my Pokémon i'm in a state of limbo, only collecting heart scales and waiting for trades to come in. I no longer have a shiny entei D: but i have a Reshiram and a Tornadus (nicknamed Raikou...because the trader thought it was Thundrus). Bad nicknames aside, i take good care of them. GVI news, my RéBurst storyline is pretty epic i think :P but other than character design not much on that front, plus the addition of Pauline and Fraud may make me reconsider my character listing (i only have a main 4, but about 10 villains XD).

Right, time for another epic closeup *zooooom*

I'm not a fan of N!!!!!


now when i say not a fan, i mostly mean i don't like his association with White in shipping, i love his farewell speech in the game, his personality too seems okay. But sometimes i just think he's a douche (mainly in Adventures), he's a bit feminine at some times (even more than Ruby) and aside from his green ponytail and rubix cube his design is quite plain. I can see the appeal and i do want to give the character a chance, but if he's acting like he did in the Adventures Ferris Wheel moment or been shipped around White i switch off (probably because of Agencyshipping). i also think that The Pirate is not his dad, possibly an uncle due to the resemblance but not his father. I do, however, like Anthea and Concordia and the references to literature the Sages say. I also may be responsible for making the rumour that him and Sir Anti-Sclera are related, my mistake ^^.

As for opinions, i prefer the old main page, it seemed neater and less for progress on the pages, very much delayed, i just seem to lack enthusiasm for it right now. A fact though, on my DeviantART i make demotivational posters using the screenshot links on the latest BW episode, it's what i do on Thursdays :P I also voted for Mew in the popularity poll.

Due to the Poll results being Arceus (HELL YEAH), i have no need for these raging posts, so i'll update it keeping hold of the general facts. I kind of believe the Ditto/Mew connection (the fact that Dittos are failed replicas of mew, which is why they have the same normal and shiny colors, can both transform and both don't reproduce) i also believe the Three Legendary Beasts connection (they being reincarnations of three First Generation Pokemon). I also have a belief that can connect the history of Mew (being the ancestor of all pokemon) and Arceus (being the creator of all pokemon) so one doesn't conflict the other, but that's for Generation 6 ;).

VFR laughs at your Dragon Pseudos

My favorite Bug type is VFR which stands for "Volca-F***ing-Rona", i seem to appreciate GV's designs a lot now, but i have favorites in all categories and generations. Like my favorite fossil Kabutops. I'm also writing a Pilot for the series known as 'Psycho Bel', it's mostly the events of the game in the eyes of Bianca during the player's journey. However, after her Munna was stolen, she fell into a slight madness in the dual personality of Bel, Bel hunts for members of Team Plasma in a bloodthirsty revenge, whether people think the idea is good or not is in the balance XD.

Arceus is happy it doesn't have to destroy the universe

I knew Fraud would be evil, but i didn't see that coming. Other stuff errrr...USERNAME I think i've let you wait long enough, 42 is my favorite number, it's also the meaning of life and what my initials are in numbers (so 1 = A etc.). Chrome is the main character of my Adventures series (but the versions are not called Chrome and ???) and void because it links to Black, a favored color in shiny Pokemon and just the color in general :D.

So, on the White front, she caught a Deerling :D :D a very irate Deerling might i add :P called Jessica XD it's good to see her catching but it was sad to see her and Black part ways D: but the farewell just adds to Agencyshipping :) and she has Brav to take care of her. While we're on Adventures, i've been very interested in what's going to happen in the HGSS chapter; i've barely heard anything on it and it's killing me a little. I love Togebo's story, and i love the Togepi line itself, primarily Togepi and Togekiss (in the game Togekiss, not much the anime, but that could be because Dawn owns it, Togepi is both, but i know why that is). I also like Human Latias and Wally, i'm not much of a fan of Yellow and Emerald however (I am not Size-ist XP).

Awwww, proper romantic and all X3

As we also hit onto shipping, i think i may be warming to the idea of Contestshipping, as a youth i never really bothered with the AG series due to a lack of Misty and high-school bullying (the first episodes i watched however, were the Togepi ones O_o inb4itwasdestined) but now that i've had a look at Drew and his character, it does seem possible :). As for a Manga shipping i am completely lost on where Green stands, i mean there is some lucky, some oldrival and some chosen in there, so it's hard to see which side she's on (because Silver is definitely on board the chosenshipping express ^^). Lemme see, some more trivia...I don't like Dragonites, i prefer Dragonair...I Rocketship, but that was natural with AAML and honestly, i prefer the Japanese voices of all the characters of BW. In GVI, i have also planned some side games, this includes a racing game and a sequel to an old game for the WiiU *hint hint to anyone close to Game Freak workers :P*. Er i am currently learning to drive, i failed my second test (1st Dec '11) i had one on 23rd Jan, but passed on 24th Feb.

Like. A. Boss

I'm kind of getting into Homestuck too, not too much though, i only roleplay :D it seems much simpler to roleplay your own personality then try to go through about 6000 webcomic pages XD, i'm also planning a manga for that. I also like a manga called Medaka Box, it's a SJ Manga becoming an anime in April, but i think i'll just stick with the Manga - even though it drives me insane D:. More Pokemon facts...My battle strategy is a forceful one, mainly focusing on stats, type and speed. I don't battle wirelessly though as i know i would be extremely outmatched by hackers and normals :P. My favorite anime Pokemon is no contest Charizard. But i do like a lot of other characters, i don't have one for Manga yet ;). I also have a DSi at my mums and a 3DS at my dads :O, the 3DS is so awesome :'D and so is the DSi, i'm mainly playing Pokemon now. My next visit will probably involve me making more usertags; one saying that i have anger issues when Legendaries are involved :P (they won't stay in the ball!!!) and i'll probably do some template tweaking, so this won't change for a while.

I was, So Close to having you...

well the idea above failed XD i kept forgetting to do it. Mostly updating; I have now got a Driver's License, the car needs a few tweaking. I have currently discovered Negotiations but have only made 1 trade through it; Shny lv75 Metagross for my lv70 Mewtwo :D. I got friends to do some trade and trade evos so i was currently on 639/649. I was short of Jirachi, Deoxys, Darkrai, Shaymin, Keldeo, Meloetta and Keldeo. I'm probably gonna have the Kyurem formes as more a trophy thing. So if you have ANY of those and would trade for either a Mewtwo, any of the 3 Birds/Beasts or a Latios (the blue one right?) or even just a first stager, come onto my Talk and post your FC, i'll give you mine and we'll sort it from there. I must note that all the pokemon except first stagers will have Pokérus (unless you ask for a Rus'd first stager) and that i only want LEGIT pokemon. Trust me, i had to turn down a Shiny Iron Giant for this D: which was really hard for me to do!!!

You just grow to love her, even if she does put Ash in a Body of Water XP

What else? Well i'm glad Ash got Shades, i like most of the rivals due to these Don Tournaments; my favorite rivals from BW are Miss Bubbly, Mr Success and to be honest i kind of like Miss Says-Bye-Like-A-B**ch. I'm disappointed that Tepig will evolve and Oshawott hasn't. Not heard much on the RéBurst or Adventures front. I've started prepping for GVII, redesigned my PC's, one has killer hair ;P but that's early progress. BW2 leaves me unimpressed on first impressions, but i look forward to a Keldeo and Meloetta event possibly coming soon.

His only weakness is Static

More things? Well not much to add; i've nearly ended my first year at uni, i've almost completed the nat dex, Ash still hasn't aged, they've gone past Mistralton (which made Skyla look really cocky :/ thus meaning that Elesa got ahead of her in the anime rankings) so most of my designed episodes are null (it involved the return of a favorite of mine up to Brycen who was gonna be ironic but hey ho...), Psycho Bel is still waiting, so's my HS manga (i've been busy and unable to practice computer drawing), personal issues not much of a problem, DSi changed my FC, Negotiators keep on offering me Phiones!!! and well, so goes on my life :P.

Well now i add more. My first year of uni is done, not much going around the GVII stuff, i think i need to see more of what BW2 is doing. I've grown to like Homika but i still find the new main guy (who has been fan named Volt - with the girl as Blaze - in my circles) having ridiculous hair. The Darkrai event excites me, as i need a Darkrai to fill the dex, the national Dex will most likely be complete when i get Black 2 due to the Kyurem Formes though, but that's plenty of time to get a Deoxys and a Shaymin and plenty of time for the Meloetta and Keldeo events to come around, plus it could reward a Genesect event too. As this states, i managed to get my grips on a Manaphy and a Jirachi, i had friends who had them so they let me register it so i could find them myself on GTS. So now i have 643/651 (inc Kyurem formes) Happy Stephan won the Donamite, donamite sounds way cooler anyway ¬¬, and happy the VFR makes its debut soon :D. Other than that, all i've been doing with Pokemon is making trainers/childhood friends/Cynthia broke :P um Facts: Steven is my favorite champion, even though i've never faced him. I find his character one of the most interesting yet not too overbearing like the presence of Lance, he comes ahead of Blue mainly due to the fact that i could never take my rival seriously; i have beaten Cheren multiple times using only 1 pokemon, and that was before they got to lv100. Hmmm another fact...I moved my lv100 HG Typhlosion and SS Feraligatr to my White; i was amazed to realize that Typhlosion actually has a Sp Atk stat of 312; so i made his moves more diverse should my friends ever wanna online battle me. What else can i say...nothing really on Pokemon; i'm quite interested in Rug in RéBurst and i like that Karuta is a part of the group - though i think the girl should focus more on him and leave Ryouga alone so he can be with Miruto :P I'm now a bit of a SpokeShipper (Stephan/Bianca)and that's all i've got on that XD. Non-Pokemon related stuff involves me joining Pottermore, i became a Hufflepuff D: but it has inspired me to make a comic of that - to join Psycho Bel, the Homestuck comic and probably others XD

Why are you the only good one

But yeah, just thought i'd update :D The VFR ep was stale D: but it's not a problem because Shades was awesome in the following one :P So now i have a Deoxys! but Kami formes have come through ¬¬ now was have Gay Chicken, Raikou Reject and The only one that looks cool. I also have Shaymin data, but if i want keeps i'll need GTS to actually get me a legit Shaymin...that or an event coming up (Like Darkrai's one, which i got :D). I'm all prepared for the BW2 release :D I also snagged a Japanese Ditto for a baby Solosis, so Masuda method is an absolute. Other than that it's been quite quiet here; my Homestuck comic is now a Quintrilogy (5 series) - still doesn't beat the Harry Potter Nonology (9 series) but it matches Psycho Bel. My GVII ideas have been improved ever since discovering that the Pokemon World Tournament feature looking like my Project Alpha Tournament feature of my own game!!!

honestly you can't let your guard down because the moment you do BAM! your idea is stolen and condensed down so no-one would believe you when you said it -_-

but yeah, i've redesigned Gym leaders, partial storylines (still needs work), region shape and i just need a function for 1 more city...which has taken weeks to think of XD and the characters have better hair than Volt...though that's not difficult XD Anime protocol has seen the return of Her again...tbf Zoey was much cooler anyway and even more of course, Misty. Hopefully she too gets a return with this World Tournament thing along with Brock, it'd be so epic with the old gang back together :D (and of course Pokeshipping but that can wait till the end of the anime ;P). But yeah, this is my update, and you are now up to date :P

wow it's been a while, almost 2 years 0_0 Well let's get to speed

I caught them all on B2, and racked up a fair bit of shinies I haven't completed the Nat Dex in X because i'm busy spreading Pokérus and i wasn't informed about the Shiny Charm being in XY until a few days ago -___- I still do Poster Memes of XY, Clemont's my favorite :3 as well as The Gentleman and Bonnie I wanna like Serena, despite Amours getting all high horse and getting on my AAML nerves ¬_¬, but the writers aren't doing much with her, all she does is tense her hands, make sweets, change from different career paths, show something on her PDA and blush ¬_¬ give the girl some Personality!

I'm ALMOST done with Uni now, spent my second year getting Straight As and i wanna keep at it ;) but i still have a presentation to make/do I'm unfortunately still jobless, i had a trial run at a bar yesterday (from a CV i handed in a year ago called 7 hours before having to go there) and an interview on Wednesday, so things are happening, but i do wanna get into the Games companies

The HS 'Manga' is more a comic now, Ideas stack but nothing's to fruition because of Uni Work and poor artistic skills on the computer ^^; my 'GVII' game goes into a continual process of amending whatever Nintendo takes from my ideas such as riding Pokémon, Capture Experience, Clothes Changing (and skin color), and '4th Stages' - which i'm between liking and hating. ummm what else can i update you on?

Chain Fishing's cool, so is Amie - i have a 249 chain on Head It! I suck at Puzzle Swap though

Hoenn's confirmed, but i'd prefer an Emerald Remake, simply because of My Favorite Legendary and getting to watch Groudon and Kyogre fight it out in 3D :D but alas no, at least we get to return to Franticshipping though :3 Gotta confirm it now since we'll probably never see them after this :/ Maybe they should do the reverse of the 80-Day Challenge, Ruby does Gyms and Sapphire does Contests, that'd be cool since Lady Berlitz smashed Saph's old record.

Since we're on manga, BW2 Chapter is vague but i like X's backstory, hopefully he comes out of his shell though, it'd be nice for him to catch more Pokémon for G & K to play with.

I also mellowed down on N dislike since BW2, the Memory Link was a brilliant touch, especially the music - which i've now been able to listen to

Other Games i like are Professor Layton (not the Prequels though), Mario and Batman: Arkham Series, I wanna get into LoZ but not much time

I also like Miyazaki Films; Laputa and Mononoke are my faves, HS is still waiting on the curtain call since a 'Gigapause'

and now it's been 2 years... whoops XD Maybe i'll clear this up another day; as for social updates let's see

Homestuck is still in its Paused State, but not without a lot more cliffhangers and whatnot, it's 'supposed' to be the last one I did play a LoZ Game, Ocarina of Time 3DS, it was good but nothing I'd gush over I've completed X and OmegaRuby, racked up some shinies, and now I await potentially Z

other than that; I got a job and quit it a year and 8 months after, looking for another now - albeit begrudgingly, I'm still getting into Undertale, watched Star Wars: the Force Awakens, got the Elder Scrolls Online, went to MCM Comic Con... Stuff really As for the Anime, slight improvement is at hand, though I still think it's a travesty that Clemont won't have had an episode about him for 16 episodes AND COUNTING! Eevee's evolution seems too early (and your last showing of Eevee lacked Bunnelby -_- ) and then there's all the other nitpicky stuff (like making Luxray only use Swift instead of his STAB attacks) as I said, nitpicky

I will eventually get to making this neat and tidy, but it's low on the long list of things i still have to/want to do XD I doubt people read this really, until it updates of course, then you're checking the changes ;)

Well, i hope you enjoyed ChromeVoid42 as much as you did Azure42 (perhaps even more :P, y'know if you got on there), if you wanna chat don't be shy Say Hello. Be sure to come again sometime soon, there might be something new the next time you visit.

see ya around User, by the way


Mwahahahahaaa ;) Azure/ChromeVoid42 (talk) 22:28, 13 January 2016 (UTC)