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Teachy TV
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Teachy TV
Teachy TV
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Introduced in Generation III
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The Teachy TV (Japanese: おしえテレビ Teach Me TV) is a Key Item introduced in Generation III.

In the core series games

A list of available topics to learn from the Poké Dude
Poké Dude encounters a wild Pidgey


Games Cost Sell price


The Teachy TV allows the player to watch the Poké Dude Show, a TV show hosted by the Poké Dude that teaches the player how to play the game though a series of video tutorials. The show instructs the player on six key gameplay elements:


  • Start of the show
"Hey, all you Trainers out there! HELLO, Trainers! ……… ……… ……… Come on, let me hear you! HELLO, Trainers! It's me, the Poké Dude!"
  • Before moving to a particular aspect of the show (aside from TMs)
"All righty, here goes! Keep your eyes glued to the super/sorta super Poké Dude Show!"
  • End of the show
"Remember, Trainers, a good deed a day brings happiness to stay!"
"Teach me how to battle."
"What are status problems?"
"What are type matchups?"
"I want to catch Pokémon."
"Teach me about TMs."
"How do I register an item?"


Games Description
FRLG A television set that is tuned to a program with useful tips for novice Trainers.
E A TV set tuned to an advice program for Trainers.


Games Method
FRLG Viridian City (gift from the old man who teaches the player how to catch Pokémon)


  • The Poké Dude Show is filmed on Route 1.

In other languages

Language Title
  French TV ABC
  German Lehrkanal
  Italian Pokétivù
  Korean 가르침TV Gareuchim TV
  Spanish Poké Tele

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