Surf's Up, Pikachu! (Pokémon Junior)

Surf's Up, Pikachu!
Surfs Up Pikachu Jr.jpg
ISBN: 0439154057
Published: May 2000
Publisher: Scholastic
Author: Bill Michaels
Preceded By: N/A
Succeeded By: Meowth, the Big Mouth

Surf's Up Pikachu! is a book by Bill Michaels, and is the first book in the Pokémon Junior series. The book is designed for young readers and is 47 pages in length.


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This book follows the plot of the anime episode The Pi-Kahuna.

The story starts off with Ash and Pikachu, along with their friends Misty and Brock, who are running along the beach of Seafoam Islands as part of their Pokémon training. As Ash is running, he slips in a puddle of oil and falls onto the road, blocking the traffic. Officer Jenny helps him get off the road and the traffic starts moving again. Jenny explains to the group that the reason for all the people with surfboards heading to the beach is because they all want to try to ride Humungadunga, a huge wave that only comes once every twenty years. She tells them the story of Jan, a legendary surfer who planted his flag in the top of a tall rock by riding to the top of Humungadunga. Ash decides he wants to try to surf the wave too.

While he is practicing surfing, Pikachu and Togepi play on the beach. The two Pokémon notice another Pikachu sitting on top of a high cliff, then Pikachu sees that Ash has fallen off his surfboard and injured his foot. The Pikachu on the cliff calls out its owner Victor to come and help. Victor and his Pikachu Puka jump into the water with their surfboard and surf towards Ash to save him. Once they pull Ash onto their surfboard, Ash faints.

When Ash wakes up, he finds that he and his friends are in Victor's cabin. As Misty and Brock explain to Ash how Victor saved his life, Pikachu and Puka sit talking on the cliff outside the cabin. They don't notice that Jessie, James and Meowth of Team Rocket are below the cliff in their Gyarados submarine discussing how they will capture both Pikachu for their boss. Back inside the cabin, Victor explains to the group about how Puka came to him from the sea, and that it can feel the waves in its body. He also tells them that he knew the surfer Jan, who had inspired him to start surfing and had helped him as he was starting out. He explains that he had tried to surf Humungadunga twenty years ago, but had failed. He tells them that he wants to try again this year with Puka. This is when they hear the cries of the two Pikachu from outside, who have been caught by the mechanical arms of the Team Rocket submarine.

The submarine pulls the two Pokémon inside where Team Rocket places them in a glass capsule. The Pikachu try to use their electric powers to break free, but this proves to be useless. James notices that several Gyarados are gathered outside their submarine and recalls that Gyarados don't like company, particularly in egg-laying season. The Gyarados begin ramming the submarine, causing it to break in half. Team Rocket is sent blasting off, but Pikachu and Puka are sent flying through the air from the blast. Ash calls out his Bulbasaur to use Vine Whip to bring Pikachu to safety. However, Puka had fallen into the stormy waters below. Victor throws Puka his surfboard, and then jumps into the water after his Pokémon.

Once they are both safe, they hear a roar coming from the ocean: Humungadunga. Ash and his friends watch from the beach as Victor and Puka surfed higher and higher up the gigantic wave. With all his strength, Victor plants his flag in the rock next to Jan's. Once Victor returns to the beach, Ash and his friends congratulate him and Victor decides to give his surfboard to two onlooking children. Ash and Pikachu continue surfing in the waves until the sun sets on Seafoam Islands.


Catch the wave, Pikachu!
Pikachu and Ash hit the beach! They learn to surf with help from another Pikachu, Puka. But Team Rocket soon finds them. Now Jessie and James are after both Pokémon! Can Pikachu and Puka surf to safety... before Team Rocket catches up?

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