Hoothoot's Haunted Forest

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Hoothoot's Haunted Forest
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ISBN: 0439320666
Published: September 2001
Publisher: Scholastic
Author: Tracey West
Preceded By: The Snubbull Blues
Succeeded By: Pichu's Apple Company

Hoothoot's Haunted Forest is a book by Tracey West and is from the Pokémon Junior series. The book is designed for readers aged 5-8 and is 46 pages long.


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This book follows the plot of the anime episode Illusion Confusion!.


Ash and Pikachu are trying to find their way through a haunted forest. Only Hoothoot, the owl Pokémon, can help them. But Hoothoot is afraid of the Ghost Pokémon who live there. Can Ash and Pikachu help the owl Pokémon face its fears?

Major events


Pokémon debuts






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Nidoran's New FriendA Pokémon Snow-DownSnorlax Takes a StandGood-Bye, LaprasBellossom's Big Battle
The Snubbull BluesHoothoot's Haunted ForestPichu's Apple CompanyThe Wobbuffet Village

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