Raichu Shows Off

Raichu Shows Off
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ISBN: 0439200954
Published: August 2000
Publisher: Scholastic
Author: S. E. Heller
Preceded By: Two of a Kind
Succeeded By: Nidoran's New Friend

Raichu Shows Off by S. E. Heller is the sixth book in the "Pokémon Junior" series, which is designed as a chapter book for beginners. It takes place in the Orange Islands. It was published by Scholastic and is 47 pages in length.

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This book follows the plot of the anime episode Stage Fight!.

The story starts off with Ash, his Pikachu and his friends, Misty and Tracey, who decide to go on a Pokémon showboat. After watching a play about a Hitmonchan and a Machamp fight each other for a Clefable's love, Misty's Togepi disappears. The group spot Togepi heading towards the stage. Once the group have run over to where Togepi is, they hear voices coming from backstage. They hear humans rehearsing the Pokémon actors' lines. They realize that the human actors were speaking the lines for the Pokémon during the whole play. While they are talking backstage, they are approached by a girl named Kay. They meet her friend Roger and her Pokémon Raichu. Raichu is looking rather sad, and refuses to go out on stage. Roger asks Ash to help out Kay and Raichu in exchange for a ride on the showboat.

Meanwhile, Jessie, James and Meowth of Team Rocket are following the boat in their submarine. They decide to try to steal the singing and dancing Pokémon for their boss.

Back on the showboat, Ash and Pikachu are trying to help Kay and Raichu with their act. Raichu doesn't want to cooperate, and lets out a small shock, causing Kay to jump back. Ash tries to put a hand on Raichu's shoulder, but this startles the Pokémon, causing it to shock Ash. Raichu is upset about shocking Ash. Later that night, Ash and Pikachu go looking for Kay. When they find her, she tells them the story of how happy she was when she met Raichu, but soon learned that the Pokémon would shock her if she wasn't careful. Kay is now scared of being around Raichu for fear of being shocked, and this puts Raichu on edge too.

Just then, a huge blast hits the boat, and Raichu becomes panicked. Kay is worried for her Pokémon. A second blast causes Raichu to fall through they air, and Kay catches it. Raichu lets out an electric shock, but Kay endures, telling her Pokémon she isn't afraid of it any more. Team Rocket then jumps onto the deck, and threatens to bomb the boat unless they hand over all the Pokémon aboard. Kay, Roger and the other actors are torn- the showboat is their home, and they couldn't let Team Rocket blow it up.

Roger comes up with a plan. Raichu shocks Meowth, and Hitmonchan punches James after tricking him into thinking it wanted to shake hands. The Pokémon move their mouths in time to the human actors, giving the appearance that the Pokémon themselves are talking as they had done on stage. Team Rocket is surprised the Pokémon are able to speak like Meowth. After being hit by Hitmonchan's Fire Punch, James calls out his Victreebel. Victreebel promptly swallows his Trainer, so Jessie releases James's Weezing instead. Weezing uses a Smokescreen attack to fill the boat with smoke. Ash, Misty, Tracey and Kay, who had been tied up with a rope, are then freed by Togepi who unties them.

When Weezing's smoke has cleared, Team Rocket is surprised to see Ash and his friends standing on the deck. Ash calls for Pikachu to use a Thunderbolt attack, and Tracey commands his Marill to use Water Gun on Team Rocket. Raichu had been hiding backstage away from the fighting when Kay comes to find her Pokémon. She tries to pick Raichu up, only to be shocked by it. Kay doesn't care, reassuring Raichu she is not afraid of being shocked by it. Ash calls on Pikachu to finish Team Rocket off with a Thunder Shock attack. Then Kay commands Raichu to use Mega Punch. This causes Team Rocket to blast off, and Kay and Raichu celebrate with everyone else on the showboat.


All aboard the Pokémon Showboat!

Ash and Pikachu set sail aboard a ship of performing Pokémon. They make friends with a Raichu and its trainer, Kay. But when Team Rocket tries to steal the show, Raichu and its new friends must make 'em walk the plank! Can they save the ship in time?

Major events


Pokémon debuts






  • There is no mention of Ash and his friends being tied up with a rope until Togepi helps free them.
  • The attack Water Gun is spelled as one word.

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