Save Our Squirtle!

Save Our Squirtle!
Save our squirtle.png
ISBN: 0439154200
Published: June 2000
Publisher: Scholastic
Author: Bill Michaels
Preceded By: Meowth, the Big Mouth
Succeeded By: Bulbasaur's Bad Day

Save Our Squirtle is the third book in the "Pokémon Junior" series. It takes place on the Cinnabar Island. It is an original story and is not based on any anime episode. It was published by Scholastic and is 46 pages in length.


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Ash, Brock and their Pokémon Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Vulpix are on vacation on Cinnabar Island. The group had spent the morning buying souvenirs, and now relax on the beach. Squirtle is lying on the sand while the other Pokémon try to convince it to play in the water with them. Squirtle refuses, and so the other Pokémon play in the waves without it. When they come back to where Squirtle was lying, they find that it's gone. The Pokémon feel bad about teasing Squirtle earlier for not wanting to go in the water.

On Squirtle's surfboard, a note was left telling the group that in order to save Squirtle, they would have to give up Pikachu. The group conclude that the note was left by Team Rocket. Pikachu says that it will turn itself in to save its friend, but Bulbasaur decides that they should try to save Squirtle themselves. The Pokémon notice a trail of bubbles left by Squirtle. The group follow the trail into the forest, and begin to feel a little scared as they get deeper and the trees block out the sun. Vulpix suggests they go back and ask Ash for help, but Pikachu and Bulbasaur are confident they can do it on their own. Bulbasaur uses its Razor Leaf to clear a path when the forest becomes too thick for them to pass.

Eventually the trail of bubbles ends and the group turn to a Spearow for help. The group ask Spearow to fly above the forest to try to spot Squirtle, however when it comes back an hour later it tells them that it hadn't seen anything. The Pokémon become hungry, and while Pikachu is looking in a tree for apples, it notices a mark on the trunk. Pikachu concludes that Squirtle must have used its Tail Whip attack to leave the mark. After the group finish eating their apples, they set off again, this time following the marks on the trees.

Eventually they catch up to Team Rocket and can hear Squirtle using its Tail Whip in the distance. The sound leads them to a cave, blocked by a Snorlax. Pikachu and Bulbasaur try moving Snorlax with their Thunder Shock and Vine Whip attacks, but Snorlax is too big. Coincidentally, the Pokémon find the Poké Flute they bought on the beach as a souvenir. The Pokémon come up with a plan to rescue Squirtle, and Pikachu begins to play the Poké Flute to move Snorlax.

Once Snorlax is out of the way, the group can see Squirtle and Team Rocket inside. Bulbasaur uses its Vine Whip once again to pick up Squirtle and bring it out of the cave. They make a run for it, but Team Rocket try to come after them. Vulpix uses its Fire Spin on Team Rocket so they cannot move. Then, Pikachu uses the Poké Flute again to move Snorlax back in front of the cave, trapping Team Rocket. The Pokémon are celebrating when Ash comes out of the forest, and Pikachu is reunited with its Trainer.


A Pokémon Rescue Mission!

Squirtle is missing! Team Rocket has kidnapped the tiny turtle. They want to trade it for Pikachu. Now it is up to Pikachu and its Pokémon pals to save their friend. Can they get to Squirtle in time? Or will the tiny turtle become Team Rocket’s newest member?





  • This is the first of two Pokémon Junior books not to be based on an anime episode. The other one is Bulbasaur's Bad Day.
  • It is the only book in the series not to feature Misty.


  • Bulbasaur uses its Razor Leaf to clear the path in the forest, however the picture shows it using its Vine Whip attack.

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