Sky Flying Pokémon (TCG GB2)

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Sky Flying Pokémon
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Cards in set 56
Psychic Battle
We Are Team Rocket

Sky Flying Pokémon (Japanese: そらとぶポケモン) is one of the eight sets found in Pokémon Trading Card Game 2: The Invasion of Team GR! for the Game Boy Color.

The booster pack image features a Pidgeot.

Club Masters and their Club Members usually give out these booster packs when they are defeated.

Sky Flying Pokémon includes cards from Base Set, the Jungle expansion, and Fossil expansion. It also includes a large amount of Vending Machine cards that were never released outside of Japan.

Card list

Sky Flying Pokémon
No. Image Card name Type Rarity
F01   Bulbasaur    
F02   Zubat    
F03   Golbat    
F04   Bellsprout    
F05   Weepinbell    
F06   Weezing    
F07   Ponyta    
F08   Rapidash    
F09   Magmar    
F10   Squirtle    
F11   Golduck    
F12   Poliwag    
F13   Poliwhirl    
F14   Poliwrath    
F15   Seel    
F16   Dewgong    
F17   Horsea    
F18   Seadra    
F19   Lapras    
F20   Omanyte    
F21   Pikachu    
F22   Raichu    
F23   Magnemite    
F24   Magneton    
F25   Voltorb    
F26   Electrode    
F27   Zapdos    
F28   Sandshrew    
F29   Sandslash    
F30   Machop    
F31   Machoke    
F32   Geodude    
F33   Graveler    
F34   Cubone    
F35   Marowak    
F36   Hitmonlee    
F37   Hitmonchan    
F38   Abra    
F39   Kadabra    
F40   Slowbro    
F41   Haunter    
F42   Pidgey    
F43   Pidgeotto    
F44   Pidgeot    
F45   Rattata    
F46   Spearow    
F47   Fearow    
F48   Wigglytuff    
F49   Doduo    
F50   Dodrio    
F51   Snorlax    
F52   Mr. Fuji T  
F53   Pokémon Retransfer T  
F54   Pokémon Flute T  
F55   Master Ball T  
F56   Maintenance T  

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