Colosseum (TCG GB1)

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Cards in set 50 (Plus 6 Energy cards)
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Colosseum (Japanese: ポケモンコロシアム Pokémon Colosseum) is one of the five sets found in Pokémon Trading Card Game for the Game Boy Color.

The booster pack image features a Pikachu.

Club Masters and their Club Members usually give out these booster packs when they are defeated. Some of Dr. Mason's mail also have these booster packs as an attachment.

Colosseum includes cards from Base Set and the Jungle expansion. Tangela is included as an in-game exclusive card.

Card list

No. Image Card name Type Rarity
A01   Nidoran♂    
A02   Nidorino    
A03   Tangela    
A04   Scyther    
A05   Pinsir    
A06   Charmander    
A07   Charmeleon    
A08   Growlithe    
A09   Arcanine    
A10   Ponyta    
A11   Magmar    
A12   Seel    
A13   Dewgong    
A14   Goldeen    
A15   Seaking    
A16   Staryu    
A17   Magikarp    
A18   Gyarados    
A19   Pikachu    
A20   Raichu    
A21   Magnemite    
A22   Magneton    
A23   Electabuzz    
A24   Zapdos    
A25   Diglett    
A26   Dugtrio    
A27   Machop    
A28   Hitmonchan    
A29   Abra    
A30   Kadabra    
A31   Rattata    
A32   Raticate    
A33   Jigglypuff    
A34   Wigglytuff    
A35   Meowth    
A36   Chansey    
A37   Kangaskhan    
A38   Snorlax    
A39   Professor Oak T  
A40   Bill T  
A41   Switch T  
A42   Poké Ball T  
A43   Scoop Up T  
A44   Computer Search T  
A45   PlusPower T  
A46   Defender T  
A47   Item Finder T  
A48   Potion T  
A49   Full Heal T  
A50   Revive T  
E01   Grass Energy   E
E02   Fire Energy   E
E03   Water Energy   E
E04   Lightning Energy   E
E05   Fighting Energy   E
E06   Psychic Energy   E

Character Rewards

Notable characters who award Colosseum packs after being defeated.

TCG1 Deck
  Heather Grass Club Kaleidoscope Deck
  Adam Fire Club Flamethrower Deck
  Jonathan Fire Club Reshuffle Deck
  Sara Water Club Waterfront Pokémon Deck
  Brandon Lightning Club Power Generator Deck
  Nicholas Lightning Club Boom Boom Selfdestruct Deck
  Andrew Rock Club Blistering Pokémon Deck
  Jessica Fighting Club Love to Battle Deck
  Michael Fighting Club Heated Battle Deck
  Imakuni None Imakuni? Deck

In other languages

Language Title
  Japanese ポケモンコロシアム Pokémon Colosseum
  French Colisée
  German Kolosseum
  Italian Colosseo
  Spanish Coliseo

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