Mystery (TCG GB1)

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Cards in set 50 (Plus 1 Energy card)

Mystery (Japanese: 幻のポケモン Phantom Pokémon) is one of the five sets found in Pokémon Trading Card Game for the Game Boy Color.

The booster pack image features an Articuno.

Club Masters and their Club Members usually give out these booster packs when they are defeated. Some of Dr. Mason's mail also have these booster packs as an attachment.

Mystery includes cards from Base Set, the Jungle expansion, and Fossil expansion. Flareon, Vaporeon, and Jolteon are included as in-game exclusive cards.

Card list

No. Image Card name Type Rarity
C01   Nidoran♀    
C02   Nidorina    
C03   Nidoqueen    
C04   Oddish    
C05   Gloom    
C06   Vileplume    
C07   Paras    
C08   Parasect    
C09   Exeggcute    
C10   Exeggutor    
C11   Vulpix    
C12   Ninetales    
C13   Flareon    
C14   Moltres    
C15   Shellder    
C16   Cloyster    
C17   Lapras    
C18   Vaporeon    
C19   Omanyte    
C20   Omastar    
C21   Articuno    
C22   Pikachu    
C23   Raichu    
C24   Voltorb    
C25   Electrode    
C26   Jolteon    
C27   Zapdos    
C28   Mankey    
C29   Primeape    
C30   Rhyhorn    
C31   Rhydon    
C32   Kabuto    
C33   Kabutops    
C34   Aerodactyl    
C35   Alakazam    
C36   Drowzee    
C37   Mew    
C38   Clefairy    
C39   Meowth    
C40   Persian    
C41   Farfetch'd    
C42   Lickitung    
C43   Tauros    
C44   Dratini    
C45   Dragonair    
C46   Dragonite    
C47   Mr. Fuji T  
C48   Mysterious Fossil T  
C49   Energy Removal T  
C50   Pokémon Center T  
E07   Double Colorless Energy   E  

Character Rewards

Notable characters who award Mystery packs after being defeated.

TCG1 Deck
  Brittany Grass Club Etc. Deck
  David Science Club Lovely Nidoran Deck
  Ken Fire Club Fire Charge Deck
  Amanda Water Club Lonely Friends Deck
  Joshua Water Club Sound of the Waves Deck
  Isaac Lightning Club Zapping Selfdestruct Deck
  Jennifer Lightning Club Pikachu Deck
  Gene Rock Club Rock Crusher Deck
  Matthew Rock Club Hard Pokémon Deck
  Imakuni None Imakuni? Deck


  • The Japanese name of this set is the same as the Japanese name of Mythical Pokémon. However, no Mythical Pokémon appear in this set.
  • Mystery packs are one of two types awarded by Club Masters: 3 give Mystery and 5 give Laboratory packs.

In other languages

Language Title
  French Mystère
  German Rätsel
  Italian Mistero
  Spanish Misterio

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