Shields Down (Ability)

Shields Down リミットシールド
Limit Shield
Flavor text
Generation VII
When its HP becomes half or less, the Pokémon's shell breaks and it becomes aggressive.
Generation VIII
When its HP becomes half or less, the Pokémon's shell breaks and it becomes aggressive.
Generation IX
When its HP drops to half or less, the Pokémon's shell breaks and it becomes aggressive.

Shields Down (Japanese: リミットシールド Limit Shield) is an Ability introduced in Generation VII. It is the signature Ability of Minior.


In battle

At the start of battle or at the end of a turn, if Minior's HP is above half, it will change into its Meteor Form. At the end of the turn, if its HP is below half, it will change back to its Core Form.

While in Meteor Form, Minior cannot be afflicted by status conditions or become drowsy due to Yawn. Rest will fail when used by Minior in Meteor Form. If Core Form Minior is switched in while grounded (due to Iron Ball, Gravity, or being Baton Passed Ingrain), it will be poisoned by Toxic Spikes before Shields Down switches it to Meteor Form.

If Minior gets a status condition while in Core Form and later changes into Meteor Form, the status condition remains in effect.

Gastro Acid, Worry Seed, and Simple Beam fail if the target has the Ability Shields Down. Role Play, Skill Swap, Entrainment, and Doodle fail if either Pokémon has Shields Down. Shields Down cannot be copied by Trace, Power of Alchemy, or Receiver. Shields Down cannot be replaced by Mummy or Lingering Aroma, suppressed by Core Enforcer or Neutralizing Gas, or traded by Wandering Spirit. If a Pokémon other than Minior obtains Shields Down with Imposter or Transform, the Pokémon will not change forms and will not be immune to status conditions (even if it transformed into Meteor Form Minior).

Mold Breaker, Turboblaze, and Teravolt have no effect on Shields Down. If a Pokémon with Poison Touch uses Sunsteel Strike or its variations on a Minior in Meteor Form, it will not be poisoned.

Outside of battle

Minior is always in Core Form outside of battle.

Pokémon with Shields Down

# Pokémon Types First Ability Second Ability Hidden Ability
0774   Minior
Meteor Form
Rock Flying Shields Down None None
0774   Minior
Core Form
Rock Flying Shields Down None None
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In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 界限盾殼 Gaaihaahn Téuhnhok
Mandarin 界限盾殼 / 界限盾壳 Jièxiàn Dùnké
  French Bouclier-Carcan
  German Limitschild
  Italian Scudosoglia
  Korean 리밋실드 Limit Shield
  Russian Опущенные Щиты
  Spanish Escudo Limitado

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