Restricted Sparring

Restricted Sparring (Japanese: しばり組手 Restricted Sparring) is a battle facility challenge introduced in The Isle of Armor that takes place in the Master Dojo's Battle Court. The goal is for challengers to win five consecutive battles using a team of three Pokémon of a common type. This feature is unlocked after defeating Mustard in the Battle Court.


Restricted Sparring begins with the player selecting one of the eighteen types that they will use during the challenge, and then the player must select a team of three Pokémon of the selected type. The Master Dojo Students the player faces, however, will not necessarily use teams with any type restrictions. Additionally, the player's Pokémon are not automatically restored after each battle; instead, the player can choose to restore their team up to two times per challenge. Once the player achieves five consecutive wins, the challenge is considered complete, but the player can choose to continue battling beyond that for a higher recorded streak. The challenge ends when the player either loses a battle or chooses to quit.

If the player's Pokémon has an item that can be consumed during battle, such as a Berry, and that item is removed (no matter if that's caused by being consumed normally, consumed by another Pokémon using Bug Bite, or by a move such as Knock Off), that item will not be restored after the battle unless the player chooses to heal their team, or the challenge ends. Recycle, G-Max Replenish, and Harvest can restore items that were consumed in the current battle, but can't restore items that were consumed in a previous battle with no intervening heal since then. If a Pokémon holds an item that can't normally be consumed, but that item is moved or removed during battle with Thief, Knock Off, Trick, Switcheroo, Fling, Bestow, Corrosive Gas, Pickpocket, or Magician, it will be restored after the battle.

Because of the lack of automatic healing after each battle, the tiebreaker procedure used in the Battle Tower to determine the winner when both players' final Pokémon faint on the same turn does not apply in Restricted Sparring; instead all such endings count as losses and end the current streak.


Restricted Sparring is conducted under Single Battle Flat Rules with the following restrictions against the player. Note that these restrictions do not necessarily apply to NPC opponents.

  • All Pokémon above Lv. 50 will be lowered to Lv. 50
  • All three of the player's Pokémon must be of the challenge's type.
  • The player may not use duplicate Pokémon species.
  • The player may not use duplicate held items.
  • Special Pokémon are not allowed
  • Dynamaxing is allowed once per battle. (NPC opponents will never Dynamax.)

Special Pokémon

The following Pokémon, along with their respective alternate forms, are not allowed:


The Trainers that challengers face consist exclusively of Master Dojo Students. They will each use three Pokémon that are randomly selected from a roster shared across all of them.

See also: List of Restricted Sparring Pokémon


3 BP is rewarded after every win, except that every multiple of 5 wins rewards 20 BP instead. If the player has never before reached a streak of 5 or more wins in their currently selected type, a further bonus of 30 BP is awarded after the fifth win, but not for any further multiples of 5.

If the player completes the challenge for all 18 types, they will receive a Masterly Mustard Casual Tee.


  • There are ten different quotes that the Master Dojo Students may speak upon being defeated, five for male students and five for female students. This may imply that there are ten different Master Dojo Students in Restricted Sparring that the player may face. However, this functionally makes no difference since all Master Dojo Students use the same roster of Pokémon.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 制約比試 Jaiyeuk Béisi
Mandarin 制約比試 / 制约比试 Zhìyuē Bǐshi
  French Exercice spécialisé
  German Fokus-Sparring
  Italian Prova Limitata
  Korean 제한대련 Jehan Daeryeon
  Spanish Prueba Ceñida