トラヒコ Torahiko
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Pearl's Luxray
Debuts in Extreme Luxio
Caught in Showdown with Houndoom
Caught at Fuego Ironworks
Evolves in Prior to Passing by Probopass and Maneuvering around Magnezone
Gender Male
Ability Intimidate
Nature Brave
Current location With Pearl
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This Pokémon spent between 1 and 9 chapters as Luxio.

Rayler (Japanese: トラヒコ Torahiko), known as Rayhiko in Chuang Yi's translation, is a Luxray that Pearl owns in Pokémon Adventures and his third Pokémon overall. As of The Final Dimensional Duel VII, he is at level 60, and his Characteristic is that he is "thoroughly cunning."


Diamond & Pearl arc

As a wild Luxio

Rayler first appears as a wild Luxio in Extreme Luxio, where he was a member of a pack of wild Luxio and Shinx. However, his claws were broken and because of it, Luxio could not communicate with his pack members, causing them to shun him. In a desperate attempt to get them to acknowledge him, he kidnapped Platinum and her Piplup so that he could challenge Pearl and Diamond. He first fought Diamond's Munchlax, Lax, and his Torterra, Tru, easily beating them due to their slow speed. After beating them, his pack still refused to accept him and he began to attack Pearl's team. During his fight against them, Pearl noticed his broken claws and quickly came up with a way for him to communicate with his pack, using his comedy duo act as the base. Being able to communicate with his pack again, he thanked the group and left.

He reappeared as a Luxray in Passing by Probopass and Maneuvering around Magnezone, where he helped Diamond rescue Pearl and Platinum, after Cyrus attacked them while they were passing through Mount Coronet for "defiling" the site of his Pokémon's evolutions. He used his X-ray vision to save one of his pack members, a Shinx. He left again with his pack after helping save Pearl and Platinum.

Rayler's X-ray vision

He returns once again in Maddening Magby, where he encountered Pearl at the Fuego Ironworks on his adventure to protect Lake Valor from Team Galactic, where he was revealed to have become the leader of the pack. As Pearl was about to enter Luxray dragged him over to a different opening and entered with him, using his X-ray vision to find the trapped Mr. Fuego. After finding him Pearl accidentally steps on a conveyor belt heading straight to a furnace. Luxray quickly jumps into action and saved Pearl, getting his back burned in the process. Pearl then asks Luxray to carry him to Mr. Fuego due to his ability to see all the conveyor belts, which Luxray accepts. The two are soon spotted by a Houndoom who chases them throughout the building. While fleeing Pearl tells Luxray when to dodge as he focuses on their destination, though he is hit in the process. Once they arrived Luxray turned around and retaliated with Shock Wave, knocking Houndoom out. After leaving he decided to join Pearl on his journey, becoming his third Pokémon.

Rayler and Pearl

In Outwitting Octillery, Rayler worked alongside his team to reach the middle of Lake Valor in an attempt to find Azelf. Halfway across the lake, they get attacked by Saturn's Octillery, who uses Octazooka to destroy their raft. Saturn shows up on a UFO-like vessel and grabs Pearl, demanding to know why he was heading for the island in the middle of the lake while Rayler, Chatler, and Chimler desperately try to free him. A few minutes later, the Galactic Bomb goes off, with its target revealed to be Lake Valor. Pearl and Saturn watched as Azelf revealed itself and Saturn and his grunts begin trying to capture it. Pearl and his team attempt to stop them, but they are overwhelmed by the number of opponents and defeated.

In Double Trouble with Dialga and Palkia VI, Rayler was used alongside the other Pokémon to battle against the Legendary Pokémon, Dialga and Palkia. With the help of Diamond and Pearl's Pokémon and with a combined technique, they were all able to destroy the Red Chains controlling them.

Platinum arc

In The Final Dimensional Duel IV, Pearl intended to use Rayler alongside the rest of his team to fight Charon and his Heatran but Reg showed up with Rotom's appliances, allowing it to defeat him.

Personality and characteristics

Rayler is a proud and noble Pokémon and is very dedicated to his pack. He is stoic, serious, focused, and has a high level of commitment, refusing to back out of something he has started. He cares greatly for others and will jump straight into danger without a second thought in order to save someone.

Moves used

Using Shock Wave
Move First Used In
Tackle Passing by Probopass and Maneuvering around Magnezone
Shock Wave Showdown with Houndoom
Discharge Cautious Clefairy
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


Language Name Origin
Japanese トラヒコ Torahiko From レントラー Rentorar and ~ヒコ -hiko
English Rayler* From Luxray and -ler
Rayhiko* From Luxray and -hiko
Italian Rayler Same as English
Korean 렌돌이 Rendor-i From 렌트라 Renteura and ~돌이 -dor-i
Chinese (Mandarin) 倫琴彥 / 伧琴彦 Lúnqínyàn From 倫琴貓 / 伧琴猫 Lúnqínmāo and ~彥 / ~彦 -yàn
Chinese (Cantonese) 倫琴彥 Lèuhnkàhmyihn From 倫琴貓 Lèuhnkàhmmāau and ~彥 / ~彦 -yàn
Vietnamese Torahiko Transliteration of his Japanese name

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