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Maddening Magby/VS Magby
VS ブビィ
VS Buby
Chapter Diamond & Pearl
Collected in Vol. 34
Round number 384
Location Fuego Ironworks
Celestic Town
Previous Round Winning Over Wingull
Next Round Showdown with Houndoom

Maddening Magby/VS Magby or Fuego and Moving Tiles (Japanese: VS ブビィ VS Buby or タタラと動く床 Tatara and Moving Tiles) is the 384th round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.



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When Pearl turns around he sees a familiar face, the same Luxray that he met several weeks ago on Route 203. They greet each other before trying to get into the building. After attempting to enter through the doors that are locked, Luxray leads Pearl to a hole nearby that they can use to get in, Luxray then decides to have Pearl follow him. Once inside, Pearl accidentally steps on some transfer belts and crashes against a barrel and a wall. Luxray's eyes turn gold, scanning for the person who was calling for help and after a few seconds it spots him. They run into a weak Mr. Fuego, who introduces himself and explains how he got trapped in there after a quarrel with Team Galactic, which started because he discovered that he was being used to build a bomb. Mr. Fuego then warns that they are not alone.

Team Galactic have left many Magby locked inside with them. The Magby attack the group at once, as Chimler and Chatler retaliate with Focus Punch, Pluck, Close Combat, and Mirror Move, defeating the Magby army swiftly. Pearl says he'd get ahead, but suddenly steps onto another transfer belt, although this time the final stop is the burning furnace.

Meanwhile in Celestic Town, Cynthia and her grandmother are discussing Cyrus's recent attack, and its link to a scripture found in the cave inside the town. Cynthia then tells her grandmother to hand her the scripture, promising she'll take care of it by any means necessary.

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