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PS513 : Into the Quarterfinals!
Black & White arc
PS515 : The Shadow Triad
The Tournament Continues
VS Monozu
VIZ Media mini-volume Adventure 56 in Vol. 17
Kurokawa mini-volume Chapter 56 in Vol. 8
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 514 in Vol. 50
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 54 in Vol. 8
Series Pokémon Adventures
Location Pokémon League

The Tournament Continues (Japanese: VS モノズ VS Deino), titled VS Deino in the Shogakukan Asia translation, is the 514th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga, and the 54th chapter of the Black & White arc.

It is subtitled Deino (Japanese: 熱闘 Fierce Fighting) in the VIZ Media translation and The Tournament Continues in the Shogakukan Asia translation.


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The quarter-finals of the Pokémon League continue. In the second round, Cheren uses his Unfezant to battle Leo's Deino. Cheren's Unfezant uses Feather Dance to cover Leo's Deino in feathers, lowering its Attack. Despite this, Leo has Deino use Bite on Unfezant, but the attack fails to do significant damage due to Feather Dance's effect. Unfezant immediately flies into the air and crashes down on Deino beak-first with a Sky Attack. The announcer proclaims Cheren as the winner and states he will advance to the next round. Leo is amazed by Cheren's skills and admits that he managed to barely win by having his blind Deino randomly Bite all of its opponents. Leo praises Cheren's usage of a Power Herb to bypass Sky Attack's need to be charged, but Cheren simply ignores his opponent's words and returns to his capsule. Black watches Cheren's strange behavior and wonders why his friend is suddenly acting so cold. Gray also watches from his capsule, but acts pleased with Cheren's cold attitude, as he claims that cold is the secret to feeling alive. Looker watches Gray's behavior from afar with his Croagunk. He questions why Gray is talking about the cold and shivering so much despite the heavy coat he's wearing. Looker notes how suspicious the name Gray is, which only furthers his suspicions that Gray is a member of Team Plasma.

In the third round, Marlon battles Hood Man. Marlon sends out his male Jellicent while Hood Man sends out Beheeyem. Marlon brags about his years of spending time in the sea has helped him build up the strength to compete in the Pokémon League. With that, Jellicent fires a Scald, which causes Beheeyem to get burned. However, Hood Man is unfazed and has his Beheeyem heal himself with Recover. Beheeyem follows up with Calm Mind, which powers up his next attack: Energy Ball. The attack deals heavy damage, which causes Marlon to jump around in excitement at facing a powerful opponent. Jellicent counters with Recover as well and immediately grabs onto Beheeyem with his tentacles. Marlon explains that due to Jellicent's Ability Cursed Body, Beheeyem can no longer use Energy Ball. Beheeyem's shadow quickly extends and fires a ball of energy at Jellicent. The announcers reveals the move to be Shadow Ball, which was enough to defeat Jellicent, allowing Hood Man to advance to the next round. Marlon praises his opponent's strength, but Hood Man simply attributes it to his research and studying powerful Trainers. As he heads back to his capsule, Hood Man states that his research is essential to the thing he is searching for.

For the final round of the quarter-finals, Iris recites the rule that any Trainer who loses a single Pokémon loses. Iris expresses her determination to not lose as she leaps forward while the announcer introduces her. Iris's opponent is Gray, who she affectionately nicknames "Mr. Fluffy." As Looker gulps in nervousness, Iris and Gray send out Fraxure and Cryogonal, respectively. Iris notes that her Dragon-type Fraxure is at a disadvantage against the Ice-type Cryogonal, but since she knows a lot about Dragon Pokémon, she won't be defeated. Fraxure body slams Cryogonal, but this leaves it vulnerable to Cryogonal's ice chains. The chains grab Fraxure and begin freezing it, but Iris notes that she's prepared after seeing Black's training on the Tubeline Bridge. The announcer notes how Fraxure is beginning to curl up, which means it's close to fainting.

Iris tells Fraxure to not give up, since they have a reason for competing at the Pokémon League. Gray begins fuming at Iris's hot-blooded determination, but claims that it won't help her win. Iris quickly notes that she has more than emotions and points to her Fraxure. Then it is revealed that Fraxure wasn't curling up due to being knocked out, but was simply getting its tusks close to the chains so that it could slice through them. Fraxure slices through the ice chains with its tusks and slams Cryogonal onto the ground, which sends rubble into the air. Iris takes this chance to have Fraxure use Rock Tomb to cover Cryogonal in rubble. Gray attempts to retaliate with Ice Beam, but Iris out-speeds him and commands Fraxure to use Rock Smash. Fraxure slams its backside onto Cryogonal, defeating it and advancing Iris to the next round, much to Gray's frustration and Black's joy. Iris states that because of her knowledge of Dragon-types, she knows their strengths as well as their weaknesses, which is why she must devise strategies to overcome her opponents.

As Gray heads back, Hood Man notices that losing might not always be a bad situation. From a distance, Brycen appears and closely watches Hood Man. Brycen recalls that the kidnapped Gym Leaders have no memories of their kidnapping, which must mean someone must have tampered with their minds. He notes that Beheeyem, the Cerebral Pokémon, can alter the memories of over living creatures. Since Hood Man uses this Pokémon as well as wearing a suit to hide his appearance, it makes him very suspicious. He states that Hood Man must be investigated and asks the person next to him if they will help him. After checking Beheeyem on her Pokédex, White appears with her team and agrees to Brycen's request.

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PS513 : Into the Quarterfinals!
Black & White arc
PS515 : The Shadow Triad
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