Night Festival

Night Festival (Japanese: スミフェスティバル Sumi Festival) is the third area in Pokémon Shuffle, consisting of ten stages. It follows Sandy Bazaar and precedes Isla Asul.

The area is designed to resemble a Japanese festival, with market stalls and lanterns hung around the area. A shrine is located in the northeastern corner.


Stage Pokémon Type HP Moves Catchability EXP Notes
Base Bonus
21   Buneary Normal 2,768 30 50% 2% 30 (3DS)
25 (Mobile)
Had 3,257 HP until changed in update 1.4.46.
22   Treecko Grass 1,978 15 5% 3% 15
23   Pikachu Electric 903 7 30% (3DS)
17% (Mobile)
7% (3DS)
25% (Mobile)
7 3-Pokémon stage.
24   Sableye Dark 2,095 15 55% 3% 15
25   Litwick Ghost 1,734 16 45% (3DS)
21% (Mobile)
4% 16
26   Chingling Psychic 1,978 15 80% 2% 15
27   Swirlix Fairy 2,474 16 70% 2% 16
28   Volbeat Bug 2,045 15 30% (3DS)
0.5% (Mobile)
5% (3DS)
2% (Mobile)
29   Illumise Bug 1,859 15 30% (3DS)
25% (Mobile)
5% (3DS)
3% (Mobile)
30   Mega Sableye Dark 4,386 20 N/A N/A 20 Cannot be played in Shuffle Mobile unless at least 15 Pokémon have been caught.
Rewarded with a Sablenite and a Jewel in Shuffle. Rewarded with a Sablenite and 5 Hearts in Shuffle Mobile.


Language Name Origin
Japanese スミフェスティバル Sumi Festival From 墨 sumi (ink) or 菫 sumire (violet) and festival
English Night Festival From night and festival
French Festival Sumi Same as Japanese name
German Purpurfest From Purpur (purple) and Fest (festival)
Italian Fiera Kuroiro From fiera (fair) and 黒色 kuroiro (black)
Korean 나이트 페스티벌 Night Festival Same as English name
Spanish Feria de la Tinta From feria (fair) and tinta (ink)

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