Moncolle Trainer

The Moncolle Trainer (Japanese: モンコレトレーナー) is a battery-powered toy from Takara Tomy that works with the Moncolle plus line of figures. It was released on July 20, 2009, shortly after the first Moncolle plus figures.

The Moncolle Trainer


The Moncolle Trainer works by setting a Moncolle plus figure in the depression. The toy can then read the data from the figure. It has three modes of operation.

Trainer mode

In Trainer mode (Japanese: トレーナーモード), the player can increase their own strength as a Trainer by exercising their reflexes (反射神経), strategy (判断力 judgment), or stamina (体力) through three minigames. Winning a minigame with a high score will earn an item that boosts one of a Pokémon's abilities.

Pokémon mode

Pokémon mode (Japanese: ポケモンモード) has a few different functions.


The player can train their Pokémon by playing three minigame with different focuses: accuracy (せいかくさ), power (パワー), and technique (テクニック). Winning a minigame increases the power of one of the Pokémon's moves.

Check moves

The player can check the details of their Pokémon's moves, such as power.


The player can attach their own Trainer name to the Pokémon and give it a nickname.

List mode

In List mode (Japanese: リストモード), the player can check and record data about figures they've used with the Moncolle Trainer.

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