Moncolle Touch

The Moncolle Touch (Japanese: モンコレタッチ) is a battery-powered toy from Takara Tomy that works with the Moncolle plus line of figures. It was released on June 6, 2009, alongside the first Moncolle plus figures.

The Moncolle Touch

The Moncolle Touch works by setting a Moncolle plus figure in the depression. The toy can then read all of the data from the figure and display it to the user. The toy also has four minigames that increase the Trainer's bond with the Pokémon. One of the minigames is a massage.


On December 26, 2009, Tomy released two special variants of the Moncolle Touch. Both come with a Moncolle plus figure and a guidebook to everything Moncolle plus in the package.

Moncolle Plus Special Set Ho-oh (モンコレプラススペシャルセット ホウオウ)
  • Features a gold Moncolle Touch toy and P-27 (Ho-Oh)
Moncolle Plus Special Set Lugia (モンコレプラススペシャルセット ルギア)
  • Features a silver Moncolle Touch toy and P-28 (Lugia)

Tomy also has another set that simply sells the regular Moncolle Touch toy and six Moncolle plus figures as a loose group.

Moncolle Touch + BW Beginning Three + Their Three Final Evolutions Set (モンコレタッチ + BWはじまりの三体 + その最終進化形三体 セット)

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