Moncolle Battle Slider

The Moncolle Battle Slider (Japanese: モンコレバトルスライダー) is a battery-powered toy from Takara Tomy that works with the Moncolle plus line of figures. It was released on April 23, 2011.

The Moncolle Battle Slider

The Moncolle Battle Slider works by setting Moncolle plus figures in the depressions on both of the packaged units. The players can then battle each other in a dynamic shooting battle.

A Battle Slider battle requires that the two units be positioned opposing each other (with the round ends facing each other). In order to make an attack, the player must first charge energy for it by sliding the unit left and right. As the unit's charge builds, the three lights in the middle labeled A, B, and C will light in succession. Pressing the orange button below the three lights will fire an attack from the light on the front of the unit. If the player does not aim well, the attack can miss. Receiving a hit will cause the unit to vibrate. The two lights on the top of the unit near the front will glow green as long as the player's Pokémon remains healthy, but when they turn off, the player has lost the battle. The winning player's figure earns win points.

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