Moncolle Poké-1 Grand Prix

The Moncolle Poké☆1 Grand Prix (Japanese: モンコレポケワングランプリ) is a battery-powered toy from Takara Tomy that works with the Moncolle plus line of figures. It was released on April 24, 2010.

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The Poké☆1 Grand Prix works by setting a Moncolle plus figure in the depression. The player can then use their Pokémon to compete in 11 different field games to upgrade its abilities. Two players can also use two Poké☆1 Grand Prix toys to compete via infrared communication, with the winner earning win points. The toy also introduces a new Pokémon attribute: Skill.

Field games

The first time a figure is set in the Poké☆1 Grand Prix, the player must choose a Skill for it to specialize in: Speed, Power, or Stamina. Each minigame is easier for Pokémon with certain Skills. Once a Skill is chosen for a given figure, it cannot be changed.

The Grand Prix as a whole is divided into four classes: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Champion. Higher classes require the player to compete in a wider variety of field games. The player must take first place in a minigame in order to advance to the next game within the class, and they can use different figures for different games (such as if one has a more advantageous Skill than another). Once all the games of a given class have been cleared, the player can challenge the next highest class.

The 11 minigames include games such as Foot Race, Power Shot, Target Break, and Stamina Race.


Tomy released a "trial set" alongside the standalone Poké☆1 Grand Prix, intended to provide the customer with a figure so the toy could be used right away.

Moncolle Poké☆1 Grand Prix Trial Set (モンコレポケワングランプリ トライアルセット)
  • Comes packaged with a Moncolle plus P-35 (Celebi) figure

Tomy currently also has another set that simply sells the regular Poké☆1 Grand Prix toy and two Moncolle plus figures as a loose group, each in their individual packaging.

Moncolle Poké☆1 Grand Prix 3-item Set (モンコレポケワングランプリ3点セット)
  • Includes Poké☆1 Grand Prix toy, P-38 (Zorua), and P-39 (Zoroark)

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