Misty (Pokémon Newspaper Strip)

Newspaper Misty.png
Misty in Pokémon Newspaper Strip
Gender Female
Eye color Black
Hair color Orange
Hometown Cerulean City
Region Kanto
Relatives Daisy, Violet, and Lily (sisters)
Trainer class Trainer
Game counterpart Misty
Specializes in Water type
Anime counterpart Misty
Counterpart debut EP001

Misty is one of the main characters of the Pokémon Newspaper Strip. She is based on Misty from the anime.


Misty is a Pokémon Trainer, and also attends a regular school. She and her classmate Ash frequently lose their temper around each other and battle Pokémon. Misty lives in a house with a pool in the backyard. Her older sisters are Daisy, Violet, and Lily.

Misty has repeatedly stated that Ash's Pikachu should be kept in its Poké Ball. She doesn't mind that Brock has the habit of flirting with women, except she gets upset when Brock flirts with her older sisters.


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Misty's house

Misty debuted in Strip 1, when Ash began attending school as her classmate. After an announcement that Pokémon Trainers may bring their Pokémon to school only if they are not disruptive, Misty and Ash said that each other's Pokémon should not be allowed for that reason, respectively, and they started to battle.

In Strip 2, Ash and Misty complimented each other for their maturity, because they hadn't been fighting lately. Ash said that his Pikachu would win against Misty's Horsea, and they started to battle again.

In Strip 5, it was revealed that Ash caught Misty's Starmie by mistake, thinking it was wild.

In Strip 9, Misty remarked that Ash's Pikachu should be kept in its Poké Ball. She and Ash also witnessed the battle of Gary vs. Brock at school.

In Strip 18, Misty showed Ash her Horsea, Goldeen, Squirtle, and Starmie. Ash asked why did she keep Psyduck when she had so many powerful Pokémon. Psyduck's headache caused it to unleash a powerful explosion of energy, throwing Ash, Misty, and her Pokémon away. Despite that, Ash seemed unfazed and said that Psyduck is worthless. Misty agreed, and said that's why it needs her.

In Strip 19, Misty guessed that the source of her Psyduck's headaches could be high blood pressure, or eye strain, or a brain tumor. All her guesses progressively scared Psyduck, until it unleashed another energy explosion, causing Misty to fall on the ground. As a last guess, Misty said that it could be anxiety.

In Strip 21, Misty once again told Ash to keep his Pikachu in its Poké Ball. When Ash said that Pikachu won't obey, she insisted that Ash should command it. When Ash tried that, it shocked him instead of obeying him.

In Strip 22, Misty said that Ash should catch "nice, trainable Pokémon" like her Staryu and Horsea. She also said that Ash doesn't have any "Poké-taste" and criticized his Pikachu, then Pikachu shocked her.

In Strip 25, Misty told Ash that her Staryu evolved into a Starmie, and also bragged that it took "weeks of the most rigorous training imaginable", and that she was becoming a great Pokémon Trainer. She asked what Pokémon Ash had been evolving. Ash dejectedly replied that Snorlax seemed to be evolving into a sofa.

In Strip 28, Jigglypuff's song caused Ash and Misty to sleep at school, and then it made drawing on their faces. Ash remarked that "there are worse things than being put to sleep", and Misty sarcastically agreed while looking annoyed at the drawings on his face.

In Strip 29, Jigglypuff's song caused not only Ash and Misty, but also Brock to sleep at school. An adult man commented on students sleeping at school, and an adult woman replied that she blames TV.


Misty's Squirtle battled Ash's Pikachu at school.
Debut Strip 1
Main article: Misty's Horsea

Misty's Horsea battled Ash's Pikachu at school.

Debut Strip 2
Main article: Misty's Starmie

Ash battled and caught Misty's Starmie by mistake, thinking it was wild.

Starmie's only known move is Hydro Pump.

Debut Strip 3
Main article: Misty's Goldeen

Goldeen debuted when Misty was showing off her Pokémon to Ash.

Debut Strip 18
Main article: Misty's Psyduck

Like in the anime, Misty's Psyduck constantly has a headache, and shows its full power when the headache gets very high.

Debut Strip 18
This Butterfree became attracted to Misty's floral dress, and started to constantly follow her. Misty was initally annoyed at it, because she wanted to be noticed in her new dress, but other people repeatedly commented on the Butterfree following her instead. Misty eventually caught it without a battle, by simply putting it into a Poké Ball. Ash and Brock became impressed by her feat and started to compliment her, but she ignored them and preferred to spend time with Butterfree. At some point, Misty asked Butterfree to demonstrate its Supersonic.

Butterfree's only known move is Supersonic*.

Debut Strip 74

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