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(Japanese: ミレイ Mirei) is a character in the Pokémon Adventures manga. She is the mother of Crystal.

Mirei (right)


Mirei in her debut

Gold, Silver & Crystal arc

Mirei in the ninth chapter

Mirei first appears in Absolutely Azumarill. She is first seen at Route 42, chasing after a runaway wild Azumarill. After the Azumarill escapes, Mirei encounters Crystal, who she asks to capture the Azumarill. To Mirei's shock, Crystal is unable to catch the Azumarill before it runs away.

Crystal explains that she was defeated by a powerful Pokémon she tried to catch. The shock caused by the incident made Crystal unable to capture any Pokémon. Mirei slaps Crystal to get her to stop crying and tells her daughter that she must complete the Pokédex, as requested by Professor Oak. After Crystal calms down, Mirei tells her that she must start from scratch and train at Mt. Mortar, where Crystal first learned how to use her capture skills.

In Lively Larvitar, Mirei decides to continue with her travels once she sees that Crystal has finished her training.

HeartGold & SoulSilver arc

In Fortunately for Feraligatr, Mirei takes Crystal to the Safari Zone via a helicopter. To Mirei's disappointment, she finds Crystal in professional work attire for her field trip with the children from Earl Dervish's Pokémon academy. Believing the trip should be fun for the children, Mirei forcibly picks a new set of clothes for Crystal, much to the latter's dismay.


Sonapyon (Japanese: ソナぴょん Sonapyon) is Mirei's first known Pokémon. It was first seen with its Trainer chasing after a wild Azumarill.

None of Sonapyon's moves are known and its Ability is Shadow Tag.

Debut Absolutely Azumarill
Azumarill is Mirei's second known Pokémon. It was first seen with its Trainer taking Crystal to the Safari Zone. It is unknown if this Azumarill is the same one Mirei chased after in her debut.

None of Azumarill's moves are known.

Debut Fortunately for Feraligatr

Mirei was revealed to own a Meowth and Phanpy. Neither have made a physical appearance.


  • Mirei's Japanese name was revealed by PokéSPedia.
  • Mirei's second attire is based on the gyaru fashion.
  • In the Japanese version, Mirei ends her sentences with ぴょん pyon (a Japanese onomatopoeia for a rabbit's hopping), which would later be used for the nicknames of Crystal's Pokémon. In the Chuang Yi translation, she instead ends her sentences with ee.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ミレイ Mirei

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