List of Magical Pokémon Journey chapters

This is a list of chapters in the Magical Pokémon Journey manga series created by つきりのゆみ Yumi Tsukirino. Altogether, there are 69 regular chapters, 20 bonus chapters and 2 appendix chapters.

List of chapters

Volume 1: A Party with Pikachu

English title Japanese title Japanese title (translated)
PPP01 How Do You Do, Pikachu? はじめまして ピカチュウ Nice to Meet You, Pikachu
PPP02 Clefairy Comes Through がんばれ!ピッピくん Good Luck! Pippi-kun
PPP03 Oh, that Cute, Cute Jigglypuff! プリティープリンちゃん Pretty Purin-chan
PPP04 Tangela's Secret モンジャラくんの秘密 Monjara-kun's Secret
PPP05 The First Labor of Pikachu ピカチュウの大事件 Pikachu's Major Incident
PPP06 Christmas Wishes ラブラブクリスマス Love-Love Christmas
PPPB01 Horsea's Necklace タッツーくんの首飾り Tattu-kun's Necklace
PPPB02 Wh-Who's Sc-Scared?! きもだめしでドッキドキ The Suspense of the Test of Courage
PPPB03 Party Time! ハッピーパーティ Happy Party

Volume 2: Pokémon Matchmakers

English title Japanese title Japanese title (translated)
PPP07 Adventuring the Stone めざせ!冒険の石!! Aim for it! The Adventure Stone!!
PPP08 The Legendary Articuno! 伝説のポケモン フリーザー! Legendary Pokémon Freezer!
PPP09 Eevee... Pokémon Genius! 天才ポケモン イーブイくん The Genius Pokémon Eievui-kun
PPP10 Panic at the Cherry Blossom Festival!! お花見で大パニック!! Panic at the Cherry Blossom Festival!!
PPP11 Charmander's Peanut ヒトカゲくんとピースくん Hitokage-kun and Peas-kun
PPP12 Even an Arbok Falls in Love! アーボックの初恋物語 The Story of Arbok's First Love
PPPB04 Excitement at the Hot Springs!? 温泉でドッキドキ!? Excitement at the Hot Springs!?
PPPB05 Valentine Heartbeats バレンタインでドッキドキ Excitement of the Valentine

Volume 3: Abra and Kadabra Magic

English title Japanese title Japanese title (translated)
PPP13 The Wal Comes Tumbling Down メタモン師匠とウォールくん Master Metamon and Wal-kun
PPP14 Forever Friends ♥ これからもよろしくネ Let's Keep Being Friends
PPP15 A Quest of Life or Death 命がけの観察日記 Life-Threatening Observation Diary
PPP16 Fun at the...Potato Dig? たのしいイモ掘り大会 Fun at the Potato Dig
PPP17 Eevee in a Jam イーブイくんの大ヘンな一日 Eievui-kun's Terrible Day
PPP18 The Best Gift Ever 素敵なクリスマスプレゼント The Beautiful Christmas Present
PPPB06 The Heart's Search さがしものでドッキドキ!? Excitement of the Search!?
PPPB07 Why, Psyduck, Why? なぜなぜ?コダックくん Why Why? Koduck-kun

Volume 4: Friends and Families

English title Japanese title Japanese title (translated)
PPP19 The Five Sisters of Squirtle ゼニガメ5人姉妹参上 Enter the Five Zenigame Sisters
PPP20 Green-Eyed Bulbasaur ラブラブ ダネリーナ Love-Love Danerina
PPP21 Follow that Love Potion! ホレぐすりを追いかけろ! Follow that Love Potion!
PPP22 Pidgeot Loves Pidgetta ピジョー&ピジョコの恋物語 The Love Story of Pigeot and Pigeko
PPP23 Hazel's Big Adventure! マロン大ピンチ!! Marron's Big Problem!!
PPP24 Charmander's Boring, Boring Day ヒトカゲくんのたいくつな1日 Hitokage's Boring Day
PPPB08 The Unbearable Suspense of Hide-and-Seek! かくれんぼでドッキドキ!? The Suspense of Hide-and-Seek!?
PPPB09 The Unbearable Suspense of... THE GHOSTSTORY!!! (BOO!) 怪談でドッキドキ!!!! The Suspense of the Ghost Story!!!!
PPPA1 Let's Catch Some Pokémon! ポケモンゲットだぜー!! Let's Catch Some Pokémon!!
PPPA2 Wal's Present ウォールのプレゼント Wal's Present

Volume 5: Going Coconuts

English title Japanese title Japanese title (translated)
PPP25 Odd Oddish Out ひとりぼっちのナゾノクサ The Lonely Nazonokusa
PPP26 The Terror of... the First Date! キンチョ〜の初デート The Nervous First Date
PPP27 Hypnotism アーモンドのホントのきもち? Almond's True Feelings?
PPP28 Wal of Power ピッピ・ウォールの大特訓 Pippi and Wal's Super Crash Course
PPP29 Never Say Diet! ダイエットするでちゅ! Let's Diet!
PPP30 Hazel's Holiday マロンのメリークリスマス Marron's Merry Christmas
PPPB10 The Master Plan... for Romance! 恋のドッキドキ大作戦!! The Romantic Love Super Strategic Attack!!
PPPB11 Magikarp Journey コイキングの魔法でキレイになるっ!? I'll Become Beautiful With Koiking Magic!?
PPPB12 Gone Fishing!? ピカチュウのさかなつり!? Pikachu's Fishing Trip!?

Volume 6: Gold & Silver

English title Japanese title Japanese title (translated)
PPP31 Eevee-Lu-Tion るーちゃんがんばって! Good Luck, Lu-chan!
PPP32 The Ditto Test メタモンくんの変身試験 Metamon's Transformation Exam
PPP33 Eggcellent Togepi ふしぎなたまご Mysterious Egg
PPP34 The Great Togepi Disaster トゲピー大パニック! Big Togepy Panic!
PPP35 PokéMom 大好きなクコママヘ To Our Beloved Mama Kuko
PPP36 Green Jealousy 恋する少女♥チコ登場 Loving Girl ♥ Enter Chico
PPPB13 The Terrible Omen 恐怖のうらないでドッキドキ!? Suspense of the Terrifying Prophecy!?
PPPB14 Raichu's Best Friend いちばんの友だち Best Friends
PPPB15 Loves Me? Loves Me Not? すき? きらい? Loves Me? Loves Me Not?

Volume 7: From the Heart

English title Japanese title Japanese title (translated)
PPP37 The Mysterious Beauty なぞの美女・ジンジャー登場 Enter the Mysterious Beauty Ginger
PPP38 Swimming with the Qwilfish Friend from the Sea, Harysen
PPP39 The Very First Date The Very First Date
PPP40 Heavenly Pokémon The Person I Like Most
PPP41 Clefairy's Blue Period ピッピくんのユーウツな日 Pippi-kun's Gloomy Day
PPP42 Rock-a-Bye Pokémon (Part 1) Save Almond! (Part 1)
PPP43 Rock-A-Bye Pokémon (Part 2) Save Almond! (Part 2)
PPPB16 The Hill of the Lone Star Tree 一本星の丘で… At the Hill of the Lone Star...
PPPB17 Jigglypuff's Joy プリンちゃんのドッキドキ Purin-chan's Excitement

Volume 8

English title Japanese title Japanese title (translated)
PPP44 Apricot, the Super Heroine!! スーパーヒロイン・小梅参上! Enter the Superheroine, Koume!
PPP45 Pikachu and Clefairy's Heroic Tales ピッピとピカチュウの英雄物語 The Heroic Story of Pippi and Pikachu
PPP46 Chikorita's Saint Valentine チコのSTバレンタインの巻 The Tale of Chico's Saint Valentine
PPP47 Dangerous Love of the Two Ninjas! 二人の忍者 危険な恋! Dangerous Love of the Two Ninjas!
PPP48 A Cherry Blossom Gift 桜の花のプレゼント♡ Cherry Blossom Present ♡
PPP49 Boys Are Cool! 男のコはカッコイイ! Boys Are Cool!
PPP50 Vulpix and Cyndaquil ロコちゃんとアラシくん Roko-chan and Arashi-kun
PPP51 Go, Go, Apricot! (Part 1) 燃えよ、小梅! (前編) Burn on, Koume! (Part 1)
PPP52 Go, Go, Apricot! (Part 2) 燃えよ、小梅! (後編) Burn on, Koume! (Part 2)

Volume 9

English title Japanese title Japanese title (translated)
PPP53 The Accidental Treasure 偶然のたからもの The Accidental Treasure
PPP54 Pokémon Sports Meet! (Part 1) ポケモン大運動会! (前編) The Big Pokémon Athletic Meet! (Part 1)
PPP55 Pokémon Sports Meet! (Part 2) ポケモン大運動会! (後編) The Big Pokémon Athletic Meet! (Part 2)
PPP56 The Happiness Clover 幸せのクローバー Clover of Happiness
PPP57 What Makes a Girl? "女のコ"って? What Is A "Girl"?
PPP58 Apricot's Valentine 小梅のバレンタイン Koume's Valentine
PPP59 The Exorcist Nurse!! お払いナース登場!! Enter the Exorcist Nurse!!
PPP60 Marimaru's Love Story マリ丸の恋物語 Mali-Maru's Love Story
PPP61 Let's Cook Curry! みんなでカレーキャンプ Curry Camp for Everyone

Volume 10

English title Japanese title Japanese title (translated)
PPP62 Hazel VS Almond! マロンVSアーモンド! Marron VS Almond!
PPP63 Coconut's Love Waltz (Part 1) ココナッツのラブ・ウォーズ (前編) Coconut's Love Wars (Part 1)
PPP64 Coconut's Love Waltz (Part 2) ココナッツのラブ・ウォーズ (後編) Coconut's Love Wars (Part 2)
PPP65 Apricot and Wal Koume's True Feelings
PPP66 Chikorita's Merry Christmas チコのメリークリスマス Chico's Merry Christmas
PPP67 The Last Spell (Part 1) 最後のおまじない (前編) The Final Good-Luck Charm (Part 1)
PPP68 The Last Spell (Part 2) 最後のおまじない (後編) The Final Good-Luck Charm (Part 2)
PPP69 True Identities 素顔のままで With Our Masks Off
PPPB18 Heart-Thumping Cookies クッキーでドッキドキ!? The Suspense of the Cookie!?
PPPB19 The Miraculous Color of the Sky ~Best Friends~ 空の奇跡色~いちばんの友だち~ The Miraculous Color of the Sky ~Best Friends~
PPPB20 Those Were The Days あの頃の二人 The Two Back Then

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