The Mysterious Beauty
Enter the Mysterious Beauty Ginger
Collected in Vol. 7
Chapter number 37
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Manga series Magical Pokémon Journey
Previous Chapter Loves Me? Loves Me Not?
Next Chapter Swimming with the Qwilfish

The Mysterious Beauty (Japanese: なぞの美少女·ジンジャー登場, Enter the Mysterious Beauty Ginger) is the first chapter of the seventh volume of Magical Pokémon Journey.


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A beautiful woman, called "big sister" by Coconut, comes to town.

Important characters and Pokémon

Character introductions

Important events

  • This is the first and only appearance of Grandpa's wife Ginger; her Natu, however, plays an important role later on.


  • This chapter first premiered in Japanese in Ciao magazine in between volume 6, chapter 5 and volume 6, chapter 6 under the title ジンジャー来襲 (Ginger Invasion). When it was reprinted in the Japanese version of volume 7, not only was it placed after volume 6, chapter 6, it was retitled なぞの美少女·ジンジャー登場 (Enter the Mysterious Beauty Ginger).


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