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Incense in Pokémon GO

Incense (Japanese: おこう Incense) is an item exclusive to Pokémon GO. It causes wild Pokémon to appear more often for 30 minutes.


In Pokémon GO


Finding a Rattata with an Incense

When the player uses an Incense, for the next 30 minutes it causes more Pokémon to spawn for the player only. While an Incense is active, a pink gas swirls around the player in the overworld, and Pokémon it spawns also have this visual effect in the overworld.

Incense spawns approximately one Pokémon every five minutes if the player is standing still, or one Pokémon every minute while walking. Pokémon spawned by Incense tend to be more aggressive, dodging or attacking with shorter time intervals.

The Mystery Box and Incense are mutually exclusive: if one is active, the other cannot be.


Games Description
GO Incense with a mysterious fragrance that lures wild Pokémon to your location for 30 minutes.


The player starts the game with two Incenses in their Bag.

Starting from Trainer level 5, every 5 levels the player receives a number of Incenses for leveling up. Additionally, the player receives an Incense when they reach Trainer level 7.

Additionally, Incenses can be purchased with PokéCoins at the Shop at the following rates:

Quantity Price
GO Incense.png ×1 PokéCoin.png80
GO Incenses.png ×8 PokéCoin.png500
GO Incenses 2.png ×25 PokéCoin.png1250

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 薰香 Incense
Mandarin 薰香 Incense
France Flag.png French Encens
Germany Flag.png German Rauch
Italy Flag.png Italian Aroma
South Korea Flag.png Korean 향로 Hyangno
Portugal Flag.png Portuguese Incenso
Russia Flag.png Russian Ладан Ladan
Spain Flag.png Spanish Incienso

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