Pokémon Card Game 25th Anniversary Creatures Deck (TCG)

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Creatures Deck
Release date December 2021
Types used N/A

The Pokémon Card Game 25th Anniversary Creatures Deck was a commemorative half deck Creatures, Inc. gave to illustrators and staff members to celebrate the Pokémon 25th Anniversary and the company's 26th.


This deck consists of 30 cards that double as a company history of Creatures: 27 of the cards are from each year of 1995-2021, with 1995 using a replication of Kouichi Ooyama's playtest version of Base Set Chansey, and the card backs highlight a Pokémon and/or a Creatures product/event from that year. The other three cards, Poké Ball, Switch, and the unique History Gate, all have the card number 011/008 to reference Creatures's founding date of November 8, 1995. These cards have excerpts from an interview with Tsunekazu Ishihara and Hirokazu Tanaka on the backs. All cards in the deck are Starlight Holofoil, printed on glossy card stock, have a gold "25th" stamp, and a 1st Edition stamp if the card's original print could have had it.

The deck was delivered in a wooden case that included a 32-pack of Holofoil card sleeves bearing the original Japanese card back design, a how-to-play guide card, a carrying pouch made with authentic indigo dye, instructions to care for the pouch, a history of indigo dyeing in Japan, and a letter from Ishihara detailing the gift.

Deck list

Creatures Deck
No. Image Card name Type Rarity
  Chansey   Promotion
  Charizard     Promotion
    Rainbow Energy   E   Promotion
    Erika T Promotion
    Rocket's Zapdos     Promotion
    Sneasel     Promotion
  Lightning Energy [Original era print]   E Promotion
  085/087   Crystal Energy   E   Promotion
  Fighting Energy [Magma VS Aqua: Two Ambitions print]   E Promotion
  011/052   Charmeleon   Promotion
  041/086   Mew ex     Promotion
  Fighting Energy [Holon Phantom print]   E Promotion
  006/108   Charmander     Promotion
    Uxie     Promotion
  Lightning Energy [LEGEND Era print]   E Promotion
    Fighting Energy [Snivy Deck 5 print]   E Promotion
  028/052   Mewtwo      Promotion
  050/050   Blend Energy GRPD   E   Promotion
  060/060   Double Colorless Energy   E   Promotion
    Lightning Energy [Unnumbered XY-P print]   E Promotion
  028/059    Mewtwo      Promotion
  084/087   Professor Oak's Hint Su   Promotion
  022/050   Tapu Lele      Promotion
  031/095   Pikachu & Zekrom      Promotion
  060/060   Aurora Energy   E   Promotion
  198/190   Marnie Su   Promotion
  050/070   Rapid Strike Urshifu       Promotion
011/008   Poké Ball I Promotion
011/008   Switch I Promotion
011/008   History Gate St Promotion

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