Appendix:Pokémon Ranger 2 walkthrough/Section 9

Mission 11

Boyleland or Bust!

Back at the Union, Erma sends you out to Boyleland to get the Red Gem, from which Linda's pendant is from. Head on over to Boyleland pronto!
Once you get to Boyleland, head up toward the volcano, and go to the east side this time. But wait, it's locked!
Go talk to the elder, he's in the bottom left house. He'll unlock the door for you, and then it's time to get hot!

Mission 11: Get the Red Gem!

Volcano Cave: East Side

Pokémon Poké Assist Field
  Charmander   Fire  
  Charmeleon   Fire  
  Pikachu   Recharge  
  Raichu   Recharge  
  Graveler   Rock  
  Ponyta   Fire  
  Rapidash   Fire  
  Muk   Poison  
  Hypno   Psychic  
  Rhyhorn   Ground  
  Rhydon   Ground  
  Kangaskhan *   Normal  
  Magmar   Fire  
  Flareon   Fire  
  Slugma   Fire  
  Magcargo   Fire  
  Pelipper   Water  
  Hariyama   Fighting  
  Lairon   Steel  
  Aggron   Steel  
  Torkoal   Fire  
  Shuppet   Ghost  
  Bagon   Dragon  
  Shelgon   Dragon  
  Infernape *   Fire  
  Gastrodon   Water  
  Drifloon   Ghost  
  Drifblim   Ghost  
  Stunky   Poison  
  Heatran *   Fire  

1. Just like last time, there are rivers of lava, but unlike last time, there are no air vents. So you need to get Torkoal to help you out.
2. Capture the Torkoal by the entrance, and take a long lava trip: go all the way north (↑), then left a screen, then go down a screen, and get off on the right.
3. Go right a screen, capture Drifblim, and hop down the ledge. Recapture Torkoal, and go on the lava, but this time go right and get off.
4. Go south (↓), and capture Hariyama and then go up, up the stairs, left and up, and into the other room. Capture Gastrodon.
5. Go out of the room, and to the hot boulder. Use Gastrodon on it, and then Hariyama. Go up, save, and use Drifblim on the light circle to continue onward.
6. Go east (→) and outside. There's a Team Dim Sun grunt here. Capture his 5 Chatot and then capture two Pelipper
7. Back inside, go all the way to the left, and use a Pelipper on one of the fiery walls.
8. The area after the fiery walls is harsh, so proceed cautiously, and avoid the fire pillars.
9. After the fiery walk of death, Team Dim Sun stops you again! Capture his Shelgon and three Bagon.
10. Just south (↓) of Team Dim Sun is a Hariyama, grab it and go left a screen.
11. Go all the way left, past the hot boulder, and capture the Aggron, and Torkoal. Then use Pelipper on the hot rock, and Hariyama to crush it.
12. Cross the magma, going left. Capture the nearby Drifblim, and use Aggron on the heavy boulder. Capture the nearby Rhydon, and Raichu. Then go up the light circle.
13. Save at the Save Machine, and go up for a Team Dim Sun battle. Lavana is here, she's Ice's counterpart. The grunts send out two Monferno, then Lavana quickly follows up with an Infernape. Capture them all.
14. Once defeated, Lavana leaves. Continue up to the next room. Heatran is guarding the Red Gem. Rhydon is helpful here. Capture Heatran, and get the Red Gem! Mission Clear!
15. Use the ball of light to go outside, and the elder's Mime Jr. It wants to be your partner! Say yes, and you get a new partner!
16. Lastly go back to the Union, Erma promotes you to Ranger Rank 7! Set the Red Gem on the roof, and get ready for more!

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