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The Journal

After your patrol, talk to Erma. She sends you to the lab where the burned journal is being deciphered. The word "Brighton" has appeared on the cover.
You know who Brighton is! Remember? From when you visited Altru? Hurry on over to the Altru Building!
Brighton was the second president of Altru! Tap his portrait to tell Keith who Brighton is. Then, outside, watch the Go-Rock-Quads rehearse.
Back at the Union, tell Prof. Hastings about Brighton.
When Murph steps up to the Dark Shard, his pendant starts to glow, and it dampens the Dark Shard's power.
The pendant is a gift from Murph's dad, the blue stone is called Tears of Princes. Prof. Hastings immediately orders you up to Hia Valley to learn about the Tears of Princes.

Mission 10

The Road Northward

Crysta Cave

Pokémon Poké Assist Field
  Pikachu   Recharge  
  Jigglypuff   Normal  
  Golbat   Flying  
  Swinub   Ice  
  Camerupt   Fire  
  Spheal   Ice  
  Sealeo   Ice  
  Floatzel   Water  
  Chingling   Psychic  

Outside the Union, capture a Floatzel, and use it to surf up river. Enter the cave.
This is Crysta Cave, and it's pretty straightforward. Surf straight up, and enter the room directly above where the river ends. Capture the Camerupt.
Back in the main room, go left, and up to the next room. Go all the way up, and into the next, and final room.
Go up, and then left, and capture Team Dim Sun's 3 Golbat. Use Camerupt on the giant ice block, and leave the cave.

Hia Valley and Shiver Camp

Pokémon Poké Assist Field
  Vulpix   Fire  
  Swinub   Ice  
  Piloswine   Ice  
  Delibird *   Ice  
  Spheal   Ice  
  Sealeo   Ice  
  Prinplup   Water  
  Staraptor   Flying  

Right away, capture Team Dim Sun's Houndoom, saving Pamur, Murph's dad. He shows you to Shiver Camp.
At Pamur's house, Pamur tells you about the blue pendant. It was a gift from Mrs. Winter. Better go see Mrs. Winter!
Mrs. Winter's cabin is in the north east corner of Hia Valley. From Shiver Camp, go straight northeast.
Talk to Mrs. Winter, who tells you the long story about the blue shard. Then stay the night. The next day, Prof. Hastings orders you to Almia Castle.

Ice Lake

Pokémon Poké Assist Field
  Raichu   Recharge  
  Vulpix   Fire  
  Jynx   Psychic  
  Empoleon   Water  
  Staraptor   Flying  
  Abomasnow *   Ice  

Use Empoleon to surf this time, and hang on for a wild ride!
Ice Lake is full of ice chunks, which can be broken by ramming into them. Here's how to traverse the lake:

  • Go north (↑), and then east (←) at the opening. Ride the current to smash the ice.
  • Continue up and around, and smash the next ice blocks. Be careful of the whirlpools! They'll send you right back to the beginning.
  • Make sure to keep the stylus on the screen as you speed across the currents.
  • Now, go down the "U", and ram the ice! There are two blocks, so keep the stylus down! Go up a screen.
  • Immediately hold down the stylus, and ram another ice!
  • Continue up, and then left on the first current you see. Ram 4 ice cubes!
  • Then immediately hold down, as the current takes you down. Ram the next two ice blocks.
  • Follow the currents to a fork in the road. Take the right path, and follow it up to Almia Castle. Follow the current to ram through some ice!
  • Keep going up, and avoid the whirlpool. Then take the current in the middle. Hold down on the stylus as you ram through 9 ice blocks!

At the castle entrance, use a Vulpix to relight a torch. Then enter the castle.

Mission 10: Get the Blue Gem!

Almia Castle

Pokémon Poké Assist Field
  Raichu   Recharge  
  Vulpix   Fire  
  Ninetales   Fire  
  Wigglytuff   Normal  
  Haunter   Ghost  
  Weezing   Poison  
  Scyther   Bug  
  Jynx   Psychic  
  Vaporeon   Water  
  Dratini   Dragon  
  Snorunt   Ice  
  Glalie   Ice  
  Walrein   Ice  
  Mismagius   Ghost  
  Riolu   Fighting  
  Weavile   Dark  

1. Go up, and into the Dinning Room. Go to the left side. Capture Team Dim Sun's 4 Houndour.
2. There's a huge ice block blocking the door at the top of the room, so go right instead. Capture a Vulpix in the room with stairs.
3. Go up the stairs. Go right, and across the bridge. Go up the stairs and relight the torch. Enter through the door.
4. This room's floor is covered in ice. Move slowly, making your way to the left exit. If you fall, you'll end up back in the dinning room (The one with the table and large ice block).
5. In the left room, go down to the next room and capture a Ninetails. Go back to the room with the ice floor, and jump off the ledge to the dinning room. Use Ninetails on the large ice block. Go up.
6. Go up the stairs, then down out of the room. You're back in the room with the icy floor, except that you're on the top part.
7. These ice tiles here break, so you have to run over them, but they're slippery! I recommend taking the left path. Go down, make a sharp right, and dash straight across!
8. In the next room, go up the stairs to go to the third floor.
9. Go down into a room full of ice. Capture a Vulpix here, then make your way to the exit on the right, and cross the bridge. This is the same bridge you crossed before, just one level up.
10. On the other side of the bridge, you have a run in with Team Dim Sun. Capture their 8 Seedot.
11. Behind Team Dim Sun is a Sealed Door. You need to open it, so go search for a Pokémon that can!
12. Go to the left exit, but don't go out it. Go down the stairs above you. Capture an other Vulpix.
13. Back upstairs, cross the bridge. Go down the stairs, and use the two Vulpix on the torches to open the door.
14. Capture Mismagius, and go back to the Sealed Door. Open it using Mismagius. Go through.
15. You'll need to capture two Riolu, here's how to traverse this room. If you fall, you end up in the downstairs part of the Sealed Door Room. Make sure to go slow on the ice paths, and dash on the blocks:

  • Go up to the first block, and go left.
  • Go left, and stay on the upper part of the fork. Follow the path.
  • Capture Riolu in the room on the left.
  • From the left, retrace your steps, and this time go up at the ice block.
  • Go right at the next fork, and then down.
  • Go up the ice blocks, and out the right into the next room. Capture Riolu.
  • Go back down the blocks. Then head up, following the path all they way to the top of the room.

16. In this room waits Ice, a higher up of Team Dim Sun. He's higher than an Admin, but lower than the boss. He sends out a Froslass, which Fire Poké Assists are good against. Capture the Froslass to send Ice packing.
17. Approach the blue gate. Say "yes", you want to borrow Riolu's powers to destroy the gate. Proceed up.
18. Save here, you have an other boss battle!! Jynx will help you here.
19. As you approach the Blue Gem, Lucario appears! He's the Gem's Guardian. Better capture him! Lucario is very fast, so watch out! Once you capture him, though, he entrusts the Blue Gem to you.
20. A ball of light appears at the Riolu statues. Use it to warp to the entrance. Leave the Castle, Rhythmi calls you. Head on back to the Union! And guess what? It's Mission Clear!


Ranger Union

At the Union, talk to Erma. She promotes you to Ranger Rank 6! Now your styler will Power Charge quicker.
On the roof, place the Blue Gem on a pedestal. Everyone soon realizes that the Blue Gem isn't enough. Then, Linda and Rhythmi's pendants start to glow.
Go out on partol while Erma and Prof. Hastings mull this over.

Quest 25

Lonely Chingling
  Dragon Defense
Our family Chingling spent all its time alone. Eventually, she even forgot how to cry. I would like to meet a friend. I've heard there is a Chingling living deep in Crysta Cave, which leads to Hia Valley.

The lady and her Chingling are on the west side (→) of Pueltown, up the stairs. Talk to her, then head out to Crysta Cave. In Crysta Cave, go to the middle part, with all the ledges. Go to the right side, and use Floatzel to go right on the river. Capture Chingling in the cave on the right. Bring it back to the lady, and you get a Dragon defense as a reward.

Quest 26

Abomasnow Research
Shiver Camp
  Fighting Defense
I came to Hia Valley on orders from Prof. Hastings to study Abomasnow up close. May I ask you to bring one here?

Provided you completed Quest 13, which you should have if you followed this guide, Herbert will be in Shiver Camp. He asks you go get an Abomasnow. Go to the Ice Lake, after capturing a Piloswine in Hia Valley, and follow the same path you took to get to Almia Castle, but at that fork, go up instead of right. Go all the way up, breaking the ice along the way. Use Piloswine on the Solid Snow, and capture Abomasnow. Return to Herbert, and get a Fighting Defense.

Quest 27

Melt the Ice!
Shiver Camp
  Water Defense
Cyrsta Cave can be one dangerous place. Huge chunks of ice crumble and come crashing down every so often. This time around, there are three big blocks of ice in the way. Can you deal with them?

Talk to Pamur in Shiver Camp, in the house above the Ranger Depot. Grab a Growlithe from Pueltown, and two Rapidash from the Chroma Highlands. Then go back to Shiver Camp, and then go to Crysta Cave. The first is next to the stairs bridge near the Hia Valley exit. The second one is at the top of the middle part. The last one is near the door that leads to the middle part, but the bloc is in the first part. Report back to Pamur.

Quest 28

Please Save Piplup
Hia Valley
  New Partner Pokémon
A while ago, I saw a Piplup being chased around the snowy fields of Hia Valley by a Houndoom. A Ranger could say that little guy, yes?

This guy is at the top of Hia Valley, near the entrance to Ice Lake. Piplup is near a tree in the bottom left hand corner of Hia Valley. Go near them, and Piplup and Houndoom appear on the capture screen. Capture them both, and Piplup becomes a partner Pokémon.

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