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Hi. ~♪ I am a new Pokémon fan, and I love Pokémon more than (almost) everything.

•★• About... ME! •★•

I started my Nintendo obsession when I was 6 or 5 which led to my obsession to Pokémon when I was 10... or 11. Whatever.

Anyway, right now I am living in a house, in the 22nd district, in Vienna, in Austria, in central Europe, on the Eurasian plateu, in the third plant from the star we call sun, in bla bla bla bla..., in Time, and Space. ♥

I go to school at some school and I find it awesome there, but one problem is that I am the ONLY person in the whole school that knows about EVs and IVs and whatever.

I love drawing a lot and thats how I discovered deviantART when I was 9 and made an account there. (when I was 13) :D


Tags, and many of them

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4, in fact, all at once. :(

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