These are Zinnia's quotes in the Pokémon games.

In the core series games

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

Petalburg Woods
"...This is the Petalburg recon team checking in. I'm afraid I have to begin with an apology, Ms. CourtneyOR/Mr. MattAS... It's not good news... It's not good news... The mission is a no-go... A little something cropped up and got in the way... ...Roger that. ...Got it. Will do. I'll continue investigating that energy we detected."
"... ...Phew!"
"But that kid sure had some promise as a Trainer, I'd say."
Sky Pillar
"... Looks like I won't be needing THIS... Hiyyup!"
"Phew! That's sooo much better! Ooooh, I feel so free! That uniform got pretty stinky after a while! And all sweaty, too!"
"Ohhh, my adorable little Aster! ♪ Are you that happy to see me looking like myself again, hmm? ♪ Ahhh, you're just too darned cute! Like always!"
"But there's not much time left for us. It'll only be a matter of weeks... ...No. Days. Things have gotten a bit tricky now, since that kid managed to stop one of the super-ancient Pokémon from being revived like it should've been. Not that it's a really big deal. I've already thought of a new plan. If I just tweak a bit with a Key Stone, one with plenty of THAT built up..."
"I swear I'll protect you. ...Aster."
Littleroot Town
"Huh? Whoa! Are we in sync or what! You know, I was just thinking about you! It's great to meet you! ...It is our first real meeting, right? Yeah. That's right. Of course it is! The name's Zinnia. And you... Well, I know ALL about you. You're <player>, of course. You're the new Pokémon League Champion! And you're one of those special few who use Mega Evolution to get even closer to their Pokémon... Now, aren't you?"
"OK, I know, I know. I'll leave it alone. Look, I'm stopping! But this sure is a ni-i-i-ice place, isn't it? Littleroot Town. And everybody living here is just so ni-i-i-ice, too. Like that neighbor of yours. ...Oops! So-o-o-rry. I didn't mean to go on like that. We should keep our first meeting short and sweet, don't you think? Until next time, then. Buh-bye!"
Granite Cave
"Hm, hm, hm. Well, seems like it's true. It really is just like the wall painting there. This one shows Primal Reversion... While that one shows Mega Evolution... I guess that proves it once and for all. Our great ancestors once lived here, too. The ancestors who passed down through me the knowledge of how to protect the world... How to avert the threat that will appear from space, as long was foretold... From a place higher even than the heavens..."
"What is it, Aster? Oh?"
"We do seem to meet an awful lot, <player>. Are you also interested in this old painting? Or are you here for the other? For one of the Meteorite Shards that can serve as a source of power for the Legendary Pokémon that lives in the heavens above. Either way... You know I adore you. That's it! I can't help it! I have to battle you! I'll play nice, though, and ask first... You're ready to battle me, right?"
Yes: "That's my boy/girl!"
No: "Fine, fine. I ge-e-et it. I'll wait. I want to see you at your best, y' know. So go get ready!"
"Now let's do it! Give me a good taste of everything you and your Pokémon have to offer!"
  • Being defeated
"Yes! That's it! That's just what I was looking for!"
  • After being defeated
"Niiice! Real nice, <player>! Ohhh, I really felt that one! Full points to you! That settles it! You get this Meteorite Shard as a reward!"
"That glittering Meteorite that you've got there... Hmm... It's sure giving off some vibes. I'd keep a tight hold on it if I were you, along with that shard I just gave you."
"... Hey... The actions that you're taking now... Are they based on the ideals you cling to? Or are they based on actual truths? And if they are... How much of the truth do you think you know?"
"Yes, ma'am! Moving out! Such a spoiled girl you are, Aster... So what'll be our next stop, hmm, sweetie?"
Mossdeep Space Center (first visit)
"Nice! So this is the heart of the famous Space Center everyone talks about! Pretty impressive, huh, Aster?"
"Oh? Where's the harm in it? Don't be such a stick-in-the-mud! ♪"
"Oh me, we do seem to keep running into one another. You are a busy boy/gal, <player>."
"Me? I'm Zinnia. Just your regular ol' tourist, nothing more. Dreaming of taking a little trip into space... Heh. Oh, I seeeeee... So this is what has come of human technology and of hope and blood and sweat and tears and... Well, the list gets kinda long and boring. But it contains everything, huh? I know all about it. About just what kinda energy you're using to fuel this rocket thing... The abominable technology humanity first thought up 3,000 years ago... So you're once again planning to claim that this is best for humanity, or best for the whole darn world... It's a snap of your fingers to repeat the sins of the past. Worse, if what I overheard is true... This time, you're about to commit an error more abominable than before!"
"Ahahahaha! What's up with that? You're a pretty simple guy for a former Pokémon League Champion. Then I guess I'll hang my hopes on what our current Champion will have to say. So how about it, <player>? What do you think? Do you have some better idea?"
You bet I do!: "Oooh! Really? Well, that's promising... You'll have to tell me so we can set these guys straight."
I've got nothing: "Really? Too bad. Guess I was expecting more than I should have from you. Hey, that's fine, though. That's pretty normal."
"Look, I'm not here to criticize the way you guys are looking at this. But I want to be sure you've thought this through well and good. You know, there are necessary sacrifices, and there are unnecessary sacrifices. What a disappointment! This is the best you could do with all your knowledge and technology? Instead of trying to make something outta nothing, you'd rather repeat the mistakes of the past, straight up? No, you're gonna add new mistakes on top—that really takes the cake. You guys need some imagination."
"Oops! But you were all in the middle of a conversation or something, right? Sorry about that. I guess we'll just let ourselves out, then. C'mon, Aster."
Mossdeep Space Center (second visit)
"Nice one, Aster!"
"The Draconid, yup. Or you could just call me Zinnia. Aster!"
"Thank you, dear. Now then... That is an impressive machine. Snap your fingers, the asteroid vanishes, and we all live happily ever after? Ahahahah! Indeed! It's like that former Champ said! This thing is the best hope we have of saving this planet and everything on it. But you know... It could also be the worst tragedy imaginable for some other world and everything on it."
"I'm not talking to you. You don't get it."
"But you, <player>... Hope for our world... Tragedy for another... You get it, don't you?"
I do: "And you come through again! You never disappoint me."
I don't: "I suppose not. I'm not that surprised. It's pretty normal you wouldn't."
"My people know it. From generation to generation, we pass along the lore about the distortions in the world borne by the Mega Evolution mechanism. And about the existence of another world, which we have long observed to be just like this one and yet not the same... That's right. A Hoenn region that's almost exactly like this one we live in. Filled with Pokémon and people like us. A world where maybe the evolution of Pokémon took a slightly different path, where Mega Evolution is unknown... A world where that war 3,000 years ago...never happened. A world where the ultimate weapon was never even built. And in that Hoenn of that world... What would happen if one day, out of the blue, a meteoroid appeared? What would happen to the people of that world, without the technology to destroy the meteoroid or the power to warp it away? ... Looks like it's beyond the power of your imagination."
"Farewell, brief hope..."
"Calm down there, Prof. It'll be OK. I... We... We can protect this world...and the other."
"Oh yeah! Silly me... I forgot the other thing I came for."
"And that's the Key Stone gotten... Now I'll put it together with the Key Stone they've got in their base..."
"Looks like my next appointment is calling, so I'll excuse myself now. Later!"
Team Magma HideoutOR/Team Aqua HideoutAS
"All right! And the winner is Zinnia!"
"Oh, oh, what's this? Aren't you a happy girl, Aster? ♪ Just what I'd expect of my daughter! We're so in sync! Ahahaha!"
"Who am I? That's a surprisingly difficult question. ... I couldn't become who I was supposed to be, so who does that make me now? ... Haha! Whatever, right? Enough with the introspection and the soul searching... You there! <player>! Don't just stand there like a stick in the mud. Come on over and say hi."
"Isn't it obvious? He's/She's the hero/heroine, right? Here to save the world again. Oops. But looks like he's/she's a bit too late this time. If only you'd been here just one minute earlier!"
"All right. I'd say this Key Stone is mine. We finally got everything, Aster."
"Now we can do it: The summoning. We will summon Rayquaza! Well then, looks like my job here is done. So don't mind me while I excuse myself. Oh. <player>? I really hope you'll come chasing after me, you know? We'll be heading to that ancient tower, sealed since primal times, the Sky Pillar. If you don't know what that is, well, ask that former Champ of yours. He'll know what I'm talking about. See you there!"
Sky Pillar
  • First floor
"So you came for me. Thanks for that. That's really good, <player>. I really feel it, right here. Mm-hmm..."
"Since you've been a good boy/girl, I think I'll give you something I've been keeping."
"Look... The paintings that cover the walls of this tower... See, these are the history of humanity, of Pokémon, and of nature itself. They're the tales that have been passed down by my ancestors, the Draconids, for thousands of years. And now...I will pass that history and lore on to you.
"Thousands of years ago, in the primal age long lost, the world was overflowing with natural energy. Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre fought over that energy in endless, furious clashes."
"In the face of Primal Groudon and Kyogre's great power, people could do nothing. The only choice was to watch as disaster upon disaster swept over them. It was in such a time that a great many meteoroids poured from the darkness of space, from a place higher even than the heavens. And the meteoroids fell in their multitude upon a waterfall that had long been home to a tribe of Dragon-type-Pokémon users..."
"...OK! That's it! That's the end of the first chapter of my tale."
"I'll tell you the next part of the story on the next floor. Look forward to it!"
  • Second floor
"Oh! Here you are!"
"Let me continue. It's finally time for chapter two. Here we go!"
"At last, right? Hah! I know you're thrilled."
"The meteors shone with a rainbow brilliance, as if some great life was held within."
"That was when, as if drawn by the brilliance, a Pokémon that shone in a blazing emerald hue descended from the heavens... That Pokémon was none other than Rayquaza. Rayquaza's power overwhelmed that of the two Primal Pokémon, and peace returned to the world. The people of Hoenn revered Rayquaza as a true savior. A thousand years after this time, the meteoroids once again fell. A huge meteoroid, far greater than any before, struck the planet, boring deep into the ocean and leaving behind it a crater larger than any other. The land born of this event later become known as Sootopolis."
"And that is it! Chapter two is over! But we've only just left the starting line. There's a long way yet—don't fall behind now!"
  • Third floor
"Now, our tale reaches the best part. Sootopolis was born from a great meteoroid strike."
"The great meteoroid was the first of many disasters to befall humanity. When it punched into the planet, the land cracked beneath it, and a great welling of natural energy poured from beneath Hoenn. Thirsting for that energy, Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon once again woke.
"The people had a wish—a memory from a thousand years before... They wished that the Legendary Pokémon clad in emerald light would appear again. The huge Meteorite that lay at the heart of Sootopolis gave off a boundless brilliance. In its brilliance, it resembled a vast and powerful Key Stone. And once again, Rayquaza descended from whence it came in the heavens. The people fell to their knees before Rayquaza and made a wish for salvation. As they did, a great change came over the Legendary Pokémon. It was enveloped in blinding light. As the light receded, they beheld a Rayquaza beyond all knowledge— a sublime figure, incandescent with overwhelming life force. It was humanity's wish that brought about Rayquaza's transformation in the face of the rainbow stone... Yes... A wish... An intangible thing, invisible to the eye. Yet this wish bound people and Pokémon together, enabling the Legendary Pokémon to change its appearance... Doesn't it remind you of something? That's right... It sounds like Mega Evolution, doesn't it?"
  • Fourth floor
"And how did the story end? After being transformed by the wish of the people, did Rayquaza save them from disaster?"
"Rayquaza once again confronted Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre. The golden filaments that sprang from its body covered the sky. An emerald brilliance illuminated the area. A terrible wind rose."
"The wind and emerald light visibly sapped the power from Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre. Drained of their primal powers, the two vanished into the depths of land and sea. Rayquaza watched them go, regaining its usual appearance. Then it soared back up into the heavens where it dwelled. A witness to this series of events, a tall visitor from a distant land, said, “It is the Δ (Delta), born of the great disturbances in this world. By the bonds born of mankind's wish and the power of the stones, it will calm the troubles that plague the world.” That was when the Draconids constructed their great tower, to hold the rainbow stone that had granted Rayquaza its power, and to try to get a little bit closer to Rayquaza in the heavens above. To record the history of their trials and the great feats of mighty Rayquaza for all to know, they left behind the murals you see here."
"A giant tower... And paintings of the past... You know, I feel like I've seen something like that recently. Heh. But now, I suppose it's time for the last chapter in our tale."
  • Fifth floor
"At last we reach the final chapter..."
"A thousand years of peace followed after that disastrous time. But the Draconid people, learning from their long history's cyclical nature, foretold that the meteoroids would fall on this land again. The meteoroid to come, they prophesized, would be far greater than those that had come before it. This meteoroid would be great enough to break the world forever..."
"In order to prevent this great calamity, those who held the knowledge of the past arrived at a plan. Their plan was to invoke Rayquaza, the great savior, and summon it to this land before the meteoroid could strike."
"And that's it. That's the end of our... of the Draconids' tale. I spent a long time thinking about how I could protect the happiness of as many people as possible. What I must do, as one who holds both the knowledge and the power... One who bears the heavy wishes of those who could not...live up to that fate... Well, I had to be really creative, you know?"
  • Top floor
"... See that, Aster? You always wanted to watch them, right? The Litleonids. A million glittering stars falling from the sky... The show is about to start."
"Aren't we happy now? Yes, what could be better, dear Aster? Ha ha..."
"... Welcome to the Dragonhark altar. <player>. You know what I am trying to do here by now, don't you? That's right. I will summon Rayquaza to this world to destroy the meteoroid headed for Hoenn. That is my... It is our duty.
"Ever since I was a little girl, I have always turned my eyes up to the sky. When I was so full of uncertainty that I felt my heart might be crushed by it... When I was so grief-stricken and alone I thought my heart might break of it... I turned and looked up there... so that my tears would never, ever fall. What about you? Have you ever had to do something like that?"
I have: "Right..."
Never: "Ahaha! You're just too honest! Don't you know that you're supposed to agree, and then we'd share a touching moment of pain?"
"... I used to watch the stars like this all the time... Together with Aster. We were always together. In good times and in bad. I loved her. I loved her with everything I had... But I still lost her."
"... Hahaha... ... I want to see her... I want to be with her again... My sweet Aster..."
"I will, won't I? With this... Just a little longer..."
"Guess I should say good morning?"
"You slept well, didn't you? You look so adorable when you sleep. Sorry about the knocking-you-out thing."
"... Enough. I think it's time I gave it a shot. "
"I'm sorry...for all the trouble I caused you. If something happens to me... Please... Take this little one..."
"... ... ...OK. Here I go."
"“With jewel bright and borrowed might from the spirits of the departed... Through sacred rite, in thy great sight, my life as well I offer...”"
"...Ugh...ngh...gh... “I summon thee...to aid...this fight... and save us...from disaster!” Realize them...upon this world...! For this I do summon thee!"
"I did it! I...I did it!"
"Now the world...will be saved! Aster... Aster, I did it!"
"Great Rayquaza! Hear my wish! Achieve your Mega Evolution! Take hold of your true power! Show me your true face! The Rayquaza that will save this planet!"
"Huh?! H-how can this be?! I gathered all of the Key Stones that could withstand your great power... and summoned you here... You came... And yet... Why?!"
"Come on! Do it! Mega Evolve! Why?! Why won't you..."
"It can't be... The one without enough power...is you, Rayquaza?"
"The Meteorites that should lie within Rayquaza's great body...aren't enough? Have these thousand years drained them of their power?"
"This...can't...be... I can't... I... I... Everything...I've done...till now..."
"Aster... I can't... I can't take any...more..."
"What? That Meteorite?!"
"It's just like...a Mega Stone?!"
"Swallowing meteorites allows it to store as much power as a Mega Stone. Your Meteorite summoned forth the power needed for Rayquaza to Mega Evolve!"
"Hah! It's amazing!"
"<player>! Rayquaza is trying to build up power... It wants power for itself to take you on! Use everything you've got and win over Rayquaza! You have to master it! This is the Legendary Pokémon that all Hoenn views as as our great protector! And the only one who can direct it now... It's you! You have to do this!"
"If you need a Poké Ball, I've got one!"
  • If talked to before facing Rayquaza
"<player>! Rayquaza is trying to build up power... It wants power for itself to take you on! Use everything you've got and win over Rayquaza! You have to master it!"
  • If the player defeats or runs from Rayquaza
"Rayquaza is trying to build up power... It wants power for itself to take you on! Use everything you've got and win over Rayquaza! You have to catch it!"
  • After catching Rayquaza
"Is it...over?"
"... Congratulations, <player>. And...thank you."
"History has chosen you... The truth remains that Rayquaza chose you and not me... But... While I don't know how to put it into words exactly... I think I understand why... ...You will be successor to our long history now. And I pass to you the final key to Rayquaza's true power. The move that only it can learn: Dragon Ascent..."
"...That's it, then. I guess...it's time that I do my last task as Lorekeeper. You have obtained Rayquaza's power for your own... Now I will have you prove to me that you can master that power... in battle! That is my final... The final duty of the last Lorekeeper of the Draconid people! Show me that you can exceed it—the entirety of history that we have clung to until today!"
"...Phew. ... My pulse... I can feel it racing..."
"...Yes. I'm feeling...totally...pumped!"
"This is it!!"
  • Being defeated
"Just like I'd expect of you, <player>..."
  • After the battle
"...I guess...it falls to you now..."
"That settles it, then..."
"<player>, you should even be able to beat that meteoroid that's approaching the planet. You and Rayquaza...together. I am leaving this task to you, our new Successor. Successor <player>. You and Rayquaza must protect nature...Pokémon...the people..."
  • After destroying the meteoroid, in a letter
"“I was finally able to bring everything to an end. I thank you for that. I think I'll spend some time now trying to find out if it's also possible to forge a new beginning for something once lost. Until we meet again,
Meteor Falls
"It's over... It's all over..."
"... ... Yes."

In the spin-off games

Pokémon Masters EX

Main article: Zinnia (Masters)

Zinnia's regular and Special Costume variants share their voice lines unless mentioned otherwise.

Menu interface (voice clips)
  • After being recruited for the first time
"I'm Zinnia—just a traveling Pokémon Trainer, dreaming of taking a little trip into space... Heh."
  • Subsequent recruitments
"This can't just be coincidence... I was just thinking about you!"
  • Sync pair viewer
"Hope for our world... Tragedy for another."
"Give me a good taste of everything you and your Pokémon have to offer!"
  • Selection screen (forming team)
"I guess I could use a little excitement."
  • Selection screen (disbanding team)
"Bye bye!"
  • Upon learning a new lucky skill
"Niiice! Real nice!"
  • Upon leveling up
"Haha, we're on fire!"
  • Upon reaching max level
"Feels good to be the best."
  • Upon unlocking a new level cap
"Onto the next stage. Woohoo!"
  • Receiving EX style
"Niiice! Real nice!"
  • During conversation
"What's up?"
"Full points to you!"
"You can do this!"
"Not okay!"
"I'm counting on you!"
"I see."
"I think it's time to battle!"
"Listen up!"
  • During special log-in conversation (morning)
"Gooood morning! Hope you slept well. No time to dawdle today!"
"Hmm... Let's try to guess what kind of adventures are in store for us today. C'mon, use your imagination!"*
  • During special log-in conversation (afternoon)
"I wonder what it'd be like to just relaaax and do nothing for a day... Sounds kinda nice."
"The sky is always the same, no matter where you are... Wait, that's not right. It's actually pretty different."*
  • During special log-in conversation (evening)
"The stars are so beautiful tonight... Reminds me of when I... Oh! Soo, how was your day?"
"Wow, I can't believe it's already this late... Maybe we should leave things here for today and get some rest."*
  • During special gift conversation
"Here, take this as a reward."
Battle interface (voice clips)
  • Co-op match screen
"All right!"
  • VS screen
"Let's do it!"
  • Sending out Pokémon
"Do it!"
  • Using Pokémon move
"Keep it up!"
  • Using item
  • Using Trainer move
"Get ready!"
  • Using sync move
"I'm feeling totally pumped!"
  • Using sync move (Special Costume)
"You could use some imagination."
  • Unity attack / theme skill
  • Uh-oh!
"I'm feeling totally pumped!"
  • Switching in
"It's in our hands now."
  • Recalling fainted Pokémon
"Oof... This battle's no joke."
  • "Nice" emote
"Nice one!"
  • "Watch out" emote
"Look out!"
  • "Let's do this" emote
"You could use some imagination."
  • "Thanks" emote
  • Defeat
"...No way!"
  • Victory
"And the victory goes to me!"
Legendary Adventures - The Dragon that Rules the Sky
  • Starry Nights, Dragon Flights
  • As "???"
"Rayquaza... I never thought I'd get the chance to see you again."
"You must have had a reason for coming to this island."
"Well then, guess I should take a stab at it."
"Time to put my imagination to work! Haha!"
  • Off to the Glaciers!
  • Off-screen, as "???"
"Hold it! This area's off-limits!"
"Oho! Full points for that quick dodge!"
  • After appearing
"Tell that to the masked weirdos who just attacked me outta nowhere. You know what they say... Get them before they get you."
  • As Zinnia
"Me? I'm Zinnia."
"And...I'm just a regular ol' tourist, I guess? I dunno."
"Anyways... Enough talking. I'm gonna have to ask you fine people to leave now."
"Can't let you get in the way of me making Rayquaza my partner!"
  • Chasing a Lost Mission
"Niiice! Real nice! That's a pretty sweet team you've got there."
"You guys are leaps and bounds tougher than those masked weirdos I battled earlier."
"Especially you, uh... <player>, was it?"
"Yeah... There's something special about you. You kinda remind me of someone I used to know."
"Haha! Smart professor! You must know a thing or two about Rayquaza already."
"Yep... If you keep heading this way, you'll find the Sky High Pokémon, Rayquaza."
"They say it's lived far above the clouds in the ozone layer for hundreds of millions of years... A true Legendary Pokémon."
"To be honest, I really couldn't care less about the PML. I've been kinda bored ever since I arrived."
"But from the moment I heard that Rayquaza had appeared, my mind's been buzzing."
"Which reminds me... <player>, you sparked my curiosity."
"This time, I've got a question for you."
"Why do YOU think Rayquaza, a Legendary Pokémon, came here to Pasio?"
I think it got summoned through a ring.: "A ring?! It'd have to be a pretty amazing ring to do that! Interesting..."
I think it got lost.: "Hmm... That'd be a pretty simple answer."
"Whatever! I honestly have no idea why it came here, either."
"Anyways, nice chat! I'm gonna go now. Guess I'll see you around, maybe!"
"Ahahaha! That's so cute! A couple of sync pairs fighting for justice."
"Thanks for the concern, but I'm fine! Trust me! I may not look like much, but I can handle myself in a fight."
"Just...stay out of my way if you don't wanna end up on the receiving end, 'kay?"
"Rayquaza! Behold my power!"
"Not gonna lie—you two've got pretty good timing."
"Hmph. That's...a bit of a long story."
"In the past, I was given a mission... A mission to save the world with Rayquaza."
"But in the end, I wasn't able to achieve that mission. Instead, my story came to a tragic halt, and I lost everything I had."
"That's why I was so excited when I heard Rayquaza had appeared here. It felt like I was being given a second chance."
"A chance to face Rayquaza once again...and to face myself."
"To finally end this chapter so that I can start a new story..."
"with Rayquaza as my partner!"
"Ugh... I said I can handle myself alone."
"Whatever. Just don't get in my way, all right?"
  • Wish Upon a Star...and a Dragon
"I can take it from here."
"It's time for a little heart-to-heart between me and Rayquaza."
  • Off-screen
"Ever since I was a little girl, I've always turned my eyes up to the sky."
"When I was so full of uncertainty that I felt my heart might be crushed by it..."
"and when I was so grief stricken and alone I thought my heart might break of it..."
  • On-screen
"I turned and looked up there...so that my tears would never, ever fall."
  • Off-screen
"If I filled my thoughts with lone dragons dancing across the sky, I felt like I could be noble and proud like that, too."
  • On-screen
"Even if I had to make a lot of sacrifices or if it meant I'd have to sacrifice myself..."
"I was prepared to fulfill my duty to protect this world... A world that my friend had tried to save."
"Hey, Rayquaza... What does it feel like to live above the clouds? Is it lonely up there?"
"You're a tough one, aren't you."
"Rayquaza... Can I ask you once more to grant my wish?"
"Please, lend me your strength...so that one day, I can fulfill the mission I've bestowed on myself."
"Will you give me the strength to protect this beautiful, starry sky and all of the worlds that float beyond it?"
Zinnia!/Rayquaza!: "I'm baaack. And I've got a new partner!"
"Yeah, I guess I did...although I'm pretty sure it came with a condition."
"I think Rayquaza wants to battle you two again."
"Maybe it wants to measure my strength as a Trainer now that we're a sync pair."
"I hadn't thought of that. I guess I can't really ask Rayquaza either way, though."
"So, what'll it be, guys? This could be a sweet opportunity for a Pokémon Professor to study the Legendary Rayquaza."
All right! Let's battle!/Let's have some fun!: "A fun Pokémon battle... I've kinda forgotten what that feels like."
"I...I can feel my heart beating...faster and faster."
"Yeah! I can feel it... My heart's pounding!"
  • A New Beginning
"Phew... I hope my feelings got through to you in the end."
"Good stuff. Anyway, I guess it's about time for us to hightail it outta here..."
"... ... ..."
"I know. When we fought together in that last battle, I think I understood what you were trying to say."
"You aren't— I mean, WE aren't alone anymore."
"Well then... You two are competing in the PML, right?"
"I hope you're ready to win, 'cause Rayquaza and I are gonna lend you our strength!"
"Yeah! That's exactly what I'm saying!"
"You guys did help me out in that fight against Rayquaza. I'm just repaying the favor, all right?"
"I mean, don't expect us to be all buddy-buddy with each other just because we're teammates or anything..."
Glad to have you on the team!: "Aww, you're cute!"
Rayquaza's gonna be so cool!: "Oh yeah! If you're thinking what I'm thinking, this is gonna be great!"
"I hope so. Guess we can't really know for sure, but at least this part of our story ended pretty well."
"A new story, huh... I'm not sure where the story's going or what my mission is yet..."
"but if Rayquaza and I are the stars of the story, it sounds like it's gonna be a fun one."
"Hm? You wanna know what kind of story it's gonna be?"
"Heh. You could use some imagination."
Main Story Villain Arc - Hoenn - Delta of Land, Sea, and Sky
  • Differing Perspectives
"A shooting star..."
"I wonder what kind of wishes it's carrying as it flies off like that..."
  • Super-Ancient Pokémon and People
  • Off-screen, as "???"
"It's a guardian."
  • After appearing, as Zinnia
"It prevented Pasio from sinking while Kyogre and Groudon were rampaging."
"That's easy."
"Rayquaza intervened in their squabble and sent both of them away."
"It didn't look like either of them started it. They just both lost it all of a sudden."
"The potential of people and Pokémon..."
"It might be worth trusting what Brendan and the others are saying this time."
"Hold up, Champion."
"Before you go, would you like to hear a special hint from yours truly?"
  • Uncontrollable Power
"I think you guys are being used."
"Ever since something fell from the sky into the ocean near Pasio..."
"Rayquaza's appeared to be a bit on edge."
"If it's just that Rayquaza's a little more excited than usual, that'd be fine, but..."
"If you ask me, I think there's something out there, making this happen."
"And I suspect someone out there is taking advantage of that. They're making Groudon and Kyogre rampage on purpose."
"I've already mentioned this to the Champion, so he's looking into it."
"I know of someone who came up with a similar scheme in the past."
"For...the world."
"You need to use some imagination."
"Well...seems like we're on to the next stage."
"Well then..."
"I guess I could use a little excitement."
  • Maxie and Archie
"Now, now. Both of you, calm down!"
"Oof... This isn't good."
"You guys are gonna make me cry."
"Well then... I'll be needing help from all of you!"
  • The Terrifying Power of Nature
"Until we stop the Pokémon, I don't see an end to this..."
"Hey, Champion. What's up? Did you find something?"
  • Over the phone
"A giant meteor, huh... That's not very calming."
"All righty, leave that to me."
  • In-person
"So, I've just been told we have to quiet down Groudon and Kyogre."
  • Destroy the Meteor
"Now's your chance, Champion!"
"We can't hold them much longer, so hurry!"
"You know my Rayquaza can't Mega Evolve, right?"
"Jeez. What a reckless Champion."
"And? What are you gonna do?"
"Yeah, sure. It's easy to delegate the important stuff to everyone else."
"That doesn't sound bad. I'm in."
  • In the Shadows of Pasio's Crisis
"Brendan, May! The Champion's plan is..."
"Yeah, you're right. With you on the job, I know it'll be OK."
"OK then, time for me to go on a trip to space!"
"Leave it to me."
"We may do our own thing..."
"But we're never alone."
"Right, Rayquaza?"
"Let's show the world our new story."
"... ... ..."
"My heart's beating faster and faster..."
"I'm getting excited!"
"Now then!"
"It's time for Mega Evolution, Rayquaza!"
Story Event - Hearts United
  • Double Rayquaza
"Pshh, I couldn't care less about it."
"But my Rayquaza here seems to be very interested in yours."
"Who knows?"
"Appearance isn't everything. They could look totally different from one another and still be drawn to each other."
"Well, good talk. I've got places to be..."
"Listen. I'm not here to make friends, all right?"
"But there is something we're gonna need to clear up here pretty soon."
"And that's which one of our Rayquaza is stronger. And cooler."
Costume Event - Solve the Case! (Part 2)
  • Beginning of the Real Case
"Now then, what shall I steal tonight?"
  • Wearing her special costume
"What do you think..."
  • Phantom Imaginate
"... ... ..."
  • Fake Evil and Fake Justice
  • Off-screen, as "???"
"I agree..."
  • After appearing, as Zinnia
"Enough of your boring stories."
  • You Need Some Imagination
"You don't need to ask, do you? You of all people should know!"
"Right? Mister impostor?"
"*sigh* You don't get it, do you."
"The rest is your job, right? Get a move on!"
"What are you talking about? Don't feel like you need to thank me."
"I was only..."
"looking for this!"
"I'll be taking this!"
"Curious, are you? Then try to figure it out! You're good at deduction, right?"
"I'll be on my way."
"Oh, one more thing."
"You look better in that detective outfit than in your normal clothes, Mr. Rich Kid!"
"Here, I've completed your request."
"You sent me a request even though you didn't believe?"
"And it ended up getting to the real one."
"Well, the impostor was never taking requests anyway."
"Tons happened while I was chasing the impostor... Getting this wasn't easy, you know."
"What's weird?"
"I don't think that's weird at all."
"We'll be going."
Sync Pair Story - A Day with Zinnia
Hold it right there!/You'll have to fight me first!: "Whoa, look at you! Full points for that sweet, heroic entrance!"
"You guys need some imagination."
"<player> didn't rescue ME with that heroic entrance... He/She rescued all of you."
"I was ready to beat you crooks to a pulp..."
"but I'd rather not scar <player> with a grisly image like that, so it looks like you're off the hook today."
"You should thank <player>. He/She came just in the nick of time."
"That was quick..."
Are you OK?: "Wait! You weren't worried about me, were you? I'm totally fine."
Glad you're all right.: "Wait! You weren't worried about me, were you? I'm totally fine. No harm done."
"Those thugs thought they were gonna steal Rayquaza, if you can believe that. Hah!"
"I wonder if crooks like them ever felt a sense of duty in the past. It does seem unlikely..."
"but if a sense of duty were betrayed somehow... Well, I could see how that might lead someone down the wrong path."
"But I guess that's really none of my business."
"What about you? Have you ever thought about what your duty could be?"
Of course!: "Really? I'm curious! You'll have to tell me all about it sometime."
I don't really think I have a duty.: "That's totally OK, too. To be honest, I think that's how most people feel."
"As for me...I believed that I had a duty once—a mission of great importance."
"I jumped through every hoop imaginable to fulfill that duty, trying everything I could think of."
"But in the end, the person who accomplished it wasn't even me."
What do you mean?: "I had a duty that I thought was mine, but it was actually another Trainer who fulfilled it in the end."
Did that make you upset?: "Honestly, I'm not really sure."
"The point is, we can believe our purpose is one thing with every fiber of our being, but sometimes we're wrong. And that's OK."
"Haha! Live and learn, right?"
"Right now, I'm just trying to figure out what I want to do next—or what I SHOULD do next."
"Seems like coming to Pasio might have been a step in the right direction."
"Getting to encounter Rayquaza under totally different circumstances than before—and actually getting to partner up with it this time..."
"It's giving me a lot to think about, y'know? I want to take some time to chew over what my and Rayquaza's next move should be."
"It'd probably be good for you to start thinking about what you ought to do in the future, too, <player>!"
"Think it through well and good, OK?"
"The world's unpredictable. You never know what's gonna happen one day or the next."
"That's why we've gotta use our imagination! To figure out how to fulfill our role in the world, no matter what happens!"
Sync Pair Story - A Day with Sygna Suit Serena
"You sure that's how you wanna respond right now? Heh. You could use some imagination."
Pokémon Center
  • During sync background preview (Special Costume)
"Now then, what shall I steal tonight?"
  • Random conversation
"Pasio's full of all sorts of people, huh? Champions, Gym Leaders, and the like."
"But just because someone's got a sparkling job title doesn't mean they can't be beat."
"This world's got so much potential... Anyone can push their way to the top if they put their mind to it."
"Haha! Whatever, right? Just ignore me and my philosophical rambling for now, and have some fun watching your story unfold!"
  • If spoken to again
"You and your Pokémon should tell me your story something. I'd love to hear it."
"You'd better let me be part of your adventure at some point, too, OK? Don't leave me hanging!"
  • Random conversation
"Who am I? Who am I, really? It's a question everyone probably asks themselves at some point in their life."
"It's definitely something I had to ask myself once."
"I spent some time in the Hoenn region, and the people I met there helped me sort of discover who I am."
"It's thanks to them that I'm able to answer that question now."
"So, y'know, I can say that I'm Zinnia, and my partner is Rayquaza."
  • If spoken to again
"Think you'll ever meet someone who totally turns your world upside down?"
"What if that were me? Ahaha!"
  • Random conversation
"Ever since I was a little girl, I've always turned my eyes up to the sky."
"No matter how uncertain or grief-stricken or alone I felt, I turned and looked up there...so that my tears would never, ever fall."
"Looking up at the sky brings back a lot of memories for me."
"The people I met back in Hoenn, the Pokémon I encountered..."
"Guess I've been through a lot! Heh..."
  • If spoken to again
"What about you? Do you ever do that sort of thing?"
"We should go stargazing sometime, me and you."
"We can get lost in our thoughts on infinite universes and galaxies far away."
  • Random conversation
"Do you have someone or something you'd want to protect at all costs? Something greater than yourself?"
"If the answer is yes, you should remember this..."
"Try not to take things for granted—especially the things you really care about."
"You never know... One day, they could suddenly disappear, lost forever."
"I mean, it's your job to make sure nothing like that ever happens, but you can't be too careful."
  • If spoken to again
"They say you can never truly know how much something means to you until it's gone."
"I wonder if we even realize how much we love the things we want to protect."
  • Random conversation
"If you had to make a sacrifice in order to protect something or someone, what would you do, <player>?"
"Would you take a step back, and just see what happens? Let everything play out?"
"Or would you jump in and try to do something about it, even if it meant making a sacrifice?"
"No... You probably wouldn't settle for either of those options, would you?"
"You'd probably try to figure out a way to save everyone and everything you could, huh?"
  • If spoken to again
"With all of the different people and Pokémon you interact with, <player>..."
"I bet your list of precious things you'd give everything to protect gets longer every day."
  • Random conversation
"While I was traveling through the Hoenn region, I had a Whismur as my partner. Her name's Aster."
"She's so darned adorable—especially the way she likes to nuzzle up against me and make the cutest little noises."
"Aster and I were always together...in good times and in bad."
"While we were in Hoenn, we were kind of like a sync pair in that way."
"If she hadn't stuck with me through that journey, I don't know if I'd be where I am today."
  • If spoken to again
"We can't go through our lives alone, and neither can Pokémon. We need each other."
"Buuuut! You've got plenty of imagination, right? I'm sure you know that without me having to tell you."
  • Random conversation
"When I'm around you, I sometimes get this really warm, nostalgic feeling."
"I think it's a good thing, though. It tells me that I have a friend around that I can really trust."
"Thanks to you, I think I'll be able to forge a new beginning. Turns out my story's not over after all."
"It could be interesting...trying to imagine how it'll all unfurl now that I've teamed up with you."
  • If spoken to again
"How do you think our story'll turn out in the end? I'd be curious to hear your theories sometime."
"Show me some imagination! Haha!"
  • Random conversation (Special Costume)
"How does my outfit look?"
"Do I look like a thief driven by selfish desires... or a righteous outlaw that punishes evil?"
"Well, what you think doesn't matter."
"Do what you have to do regardless of how others see you."
"That's what's important."
  • Random conversation (Special Costume)
"Now I'm curious what you're passionate about."
"Tell me, and I'll help however I can!"
"In my own way..."
  • Random conversation (Special Costume)
"Once I decide to do something, I see it through, no matter what."
"That's my way."
"If you ever get in my way or hold me back..."
"I wonder what'll happen."
  • Random conversation (Special Costume)
"I draw the attention…"
"while Thievul pulls off an elegant heist. It's a clever bit of teamwork, isn't it!"
"If you want to know what a stylish steal looks like, we'll show you!"
"But be careful... We might've stolen something from you already!"
  • Random conversation (Special Costume)
"I, Zinnia, am a genius! There's nothing in this world I can't steal!"
"If I wanted to..."
"I could steal your heart, too, <player>!"
  • Random conversation (Special Costume)
"It's kinda weird when people call me a hero..."
"I prefer being thought of as a thief who targets evildoers."
  • If spoken to again
"I'll let that boy from Devon be the hero."
"I'll work in the shadows, while the public is distracted by other things."
  • Random conversation (Special Costume)
"Some people in this world don't listen to reason."
"So if you have to use force to get yourself out of a bind..."
"Well, that's fine in my book."
  • If spoken to again
"If you're ever in a situation where someone bad threatens you..."
"I'll steal everything they've got to get back at 'em!"
  • Special log-in conversation (generic)
"Hey, <player>! I was just thinking about you."
"I'm curious to see what you accomplish here on Pasio..."
  • Special log-in conversation (generic) (Special Costume)
"We bump into each other a lot, <player>! How many times has it been now?"
"But I guess it doesn't matter! Just enjoy your time on Pasio as much as you can."
  • Special log-in conversation (morning)
"Gooood morning! Hope you slept well. No time to dawdle today!"
  • Special log-in conversation (morning) (also used by Special Costume)
"Hmm... Let's try to guess what kind of adventures are in store for us today. C'mon, use your imagination!"
  • Special log-in conversation (afternoon)
"I wonder what it'd be like to just relaaax and do nothing for a day... Sounds kinda nice."
  • Special log-in conversation (afternoon) (also used by Special Costume)
"The sky is always the same, no matter where you are... Wait, that's not right. It's actually pretty different."
  • Special log-in conversation (evening)
"The stars are so beautiful tonight... Reminds me of when I... Oh! Soo, how was your day?"
  • Special log-in conversation (evening) (also used by Special Costume)
"Wow, I can't believe it's already this late... Maybe we should leave things here for today and get some rest."
  • Special gift conversation
"Niiice! Full points to you for being at the right place at the right time!"
"Here, have a reward to celebrate!"
  • After giving out item
"May you treasure this precious gift that I have bestowed upon you until the end of your days..."
"Haha! I'm kidding, I'm kidding. It's all yours. Use it however you like!"
  • Special gift conversation (Special Costume)
"I have a present for you!"
  • After giving out item
"Don't worry! I didn't steal it!"
"Though if you wanted me to steal something for you, I happily would."
  • Special Solve the Case! (Part 2) costume event blurb (wearing her special costume)
"What should we steal tonight?"
  • Special Solve the Case! (Part 2) costume event conversation with Lyra (Special Costume) (wearing her special costume)
"That costume looks pretty good on you!"
"Yeah, it's got grunt vibes for sure."
  • Special Type Team-Up (2023) Daily Type Rotation event conversation with Drasna and Clair
"You need some imagination."
"That lady there looks strong, so that would make you third strongest."
"And I'm the best, of course."