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Chapter 2
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Yellow and Pika
Rounds 50
(PS041 - PS090)
Region Kanto
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Yellow (Japanese: 第二章 イエロー編 The Second Chapter: Yellow) is the second chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga and it consists of four volumes with fifty rounds. It began serialization in May 1998, and ended in November 1999.

This chapter features the journeys of Yellow through Kanto trying to find Red after a beaten-up Pikachu (Red's) ends up at the doorstep at Oak's Lab. In the meantime of finding Red, Yellow gets attacked by the members of the Elite Four and their quest to make an all-Pokémon world.

In VIZ Media's first translation of Pokémon Adventures, this chapter is known as "Yellow Caballero".


Monthly issues

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Beginning in September 1999, VIZ Media released the Red, Green & Blue chapter and the Yellow chapter as a series of monthly comic books, preceding their collected volume releases of the manga. In total, 22 monthly single issues were released of the Yellow chapter.

In other languages

European French

Beginning in June 2014, European French publisher Kurokawa began releasing the Red, Green & Blue chapter and the Yellow chapter together as a series of three omnibus volumes. While the Red, Green & Blue chapter and the Yellow chapter had been previously released in France by publisher Glénat, these volumes feature a new translation. Kurokawa's omnibus volumes contain all the adventure route maps from the original Japanese volumes, but lack the character introduction pages from the beginning of the volumes.


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Important events

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Party changes


The following Pokémon are obtained:


The following Pokémon evolve:

Gym battles

Yellow does not defeat any Gym Leaders.


  • This chapter is technically the only arc of Pokémon Adventures not named after a main series game, as the corresponding game was known as Pocket Monsters Pikachu in Japan. Despite this, the game is called Pokémon Yellow Version in every other country.
  • This is the only chapter released before its corresponding game. The first chapter was serialized in May 1998, while Pokémon Yellow Version came out in September of that year.
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