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Well, this is my talkpage, where you can say stuff to me. To all the users who I reverted or something: please, think by yourself: "Why was is removed? Was it notable? Was it wrong?" before you come complain. Oh, and if I posted something on your talk, reply to it there, not here. This makes it better to follow for others. Thanks all! TyraniThrone

Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday! -- ✔Poké.geek✔ 14:38, 6 January 2012 (UTC)

Hey, thanks! * TyraniThrone 19:35, 6 January 2012 (UTC)
You're welcome! * -- ✔Poké.geek✔ 20:49, 6 January 2012 (UTC)

Spelling Help

Thanks a bunch for the help! I will be sure to watch my spelling and keep the custom stuff in check! Thanks a bunch again! --Blaziken=Tahu 23:51, 16 January 2012 (UTC)

Glad to help! TyraniThrone 20:55, 17 January 2012 (UTC)


Thank you for your fixings!----DJWolfy 22:42, 17 February 2012 (UTC)

You're welcome! TyraniThrone 15:21, 18 February 2012 (UTC)
Hey thanks again ! How do you manage to find the redlinks so easy ?----DJWolfy 12:04, 19 February 2012 (UTC)
Through the Wanted Pages. One of the most helpful tools. Not every one on there must be removed: most of them indicate that there's a page to be made at that title. But if you see a link to Krokodile (Pokémon) or Treeecko (Pokémon) or something like that, you can click the (←links) thing to check where it comes from and fix it. Here's another piece of advice: check all your links before saving your page. In fact, use its neighbour, the Preview button. He's far more helpful than his mean neighbour the Save Page button. :P No, seriously, the Preview button and most of the Special Pages are your best friends. Learn how to use 'em good and your 'Pedia life will be much easier. Also, fixing all those redlinks helps you with getting here much faster, if you know what I mean. *points at September, 2011, 8th place* ;) TyraniThrone 16:20, 20 February 2012 (UTC)
Believe me,I've previewed numerous times but it doesn't show you the redlink if it is on the box because it's colored.So I've previewed and looked again and again and I thought it was alright.Well,I still don't get it how to use the wanted page.----DJWolfy 18:26, 20 February 2012 (UTC)
Alright, I believe you. Just hover with your cursor above all the links you made to check if it is an existing page. And as how to use the Wanted Pages-page? Well, in my opinion, it is pretty straightforward, but I'll try to explain. When you're at the page, you see different redlinks. The top 100 or something all have multiple links, so they obviously need to be there. But if you go all the way down, to the end of the list, you'll often find misspellings and fan-made locations/Trainer Classes etc. Next to the link, you'll see a button like this: (←links) Click it to see which page links to the redlink. You can go to the page, find the link and change it into the link it's supposed to be. If you're done with that, make sure that the redlink is gone, and go on your way! If you still don't understand, you can also forget about it and leave the redlinks to the grammar n**is like me. ;) Hope I helped enough! TyraniThrone 18:47, 21 February 2012 (UTC)
Yes, your idea is much better, but in the end I'll figure it out. Anyway I'm pretty busy completing synopsis, so I won't bother with redlinks for a while. Anyway thanks! and good luck, you'll need, just checked the list and saw a whole bunch of redlinks, 500 to be precise. :p ----DJWolfy 18:52, 21 February 2012 (UTC)


I've noticed ever since coming on here that some contributors have a custom signature for when they sign on pages with the letters being different colors and the such. How do I that? Frozen Fennec 16:06, 27 February 2012 (UTC)

It's quite easy: go to your preferences. You'll see the section 'Signature'. There you can change your signature with colors and extra text. For example, my signature, TyraniThrone, has this as code: [[User:TyraniThrone|<span style="color:green">Tyrani</span>]][[User talk:TyraniThrone|<span style="color:brown">Throne</span>]]. You can take this example, change the links and colors, and tadaa! you have your own custom sig. For example, if you like red and blue, you could use this code: [[User:Frozen Fennec|<span style="color:red">Frozen</span>]] [[User talk:Frozen Fennec|<span style="color:blue">Fennec</span>]] to get this: Frozen Fennec. As you can see, it's easy, and you can play around with it to make it completely your own. Oh, and don't forget to check the box next to "Treat this as wikicode", or else it will go completely glitchy. Hope I helped! TyraniThrone 14:53, 28 February 2012 (UTC)
Oh, thanks very much for the help. Been wanting to do one for awhile now. Thanks for showing me how to do so. Have a wonderful week! Frozen Fennec 19:20, 28 February 2012 (UTC)