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Satoshi101 (Japanese: サトシ101 Satoshi 101) is a user on Bulbapedia who joined in June 2011. He is a big fan of animé, therefore favoring the Pokémon anime, but is also interested in the games.

About Me

Hello, I'm Satoshi101. I named myself after Ash Ketchum's Japanese name, and Satoshi Tajiri, creator of Pokémon, which you have probably figured out (Duh!), but I also simply like the name "Satoshi."

I first got into Pokemon a few years ago when my cousin was playing a game on his DS. (A technology I didn't own.) Suprisingly, however, It wasn't the games I really got into first. It was the Pokémon animé. The reason was probably because there aren't any true Pokémon games for the Wii, which is what I had/have.

Animé has really fascinated me. I pretty much got into it through films like Spirited Away, but the Pokémon animé, is of course, my favorite.

I am on YouTube, as Satoshi9801, but I tend to keep it separate from my work on Bulbapedia. Due to my privacy policy, I cannot give my real name and age, so I go by Satoshi.

Please keep in mind, I go to school, so don't expect me to respond or get back on here until around 2:30 (MST) or 1:30 (MST) on most Wednesdays.


My goal on Bulbapedia is to be a top contributer in articles, however articles concerning the animé and "In The Anime" sections in other articles are my specialty. I mostly perfect parts of articles and make minor edits, as I'm not very good at synopsis (I find it hard to write the whole thing all in one shot.) I am also part of Project Anime and Project VA, along with many other users. I also hope to become an "Elite Four" around here, but then again, don't push it.

I am not tolerant of editing war. It can just end up getting pages protected or users blocked, when it has gone too far. I also do not like inconsistencies in articles, such as titles, but you probably know that since I've been involved in a lot of consistency disputes.

I admit sometimes I get into edit war myself, it's a bad habit. Many have acknowledged this to me, and I am making a resolution to try and stop.

Overall, even though I have accomplished some things here, I'm not perfect. Occasionally I lose my mind and end up getting banned, but hey, who hasn't!

As I said before, I have very small parts in Bulbapedia right now. But I hope to make a bigger difference along the way! And yes, I also welcome new users.

Articles I Created

My Anime Characters Ranking

Characters I Like

Ash: Who doesn't like a main character? I sure don't know. As for Ash's personality, persistant and perservering, stubborn in a good way, and guaranteed to be psyched if you mention the word "battle" to him. He seems to have the typical personality of any 10 year old portrayed in a cartoon. (If you've heard about that show Ben 10 and the main character, also on CN, you know what I mean, not that I even care for that for that show, but, hey!) However, Ash still is very likable.

Misty: Probably my favorite of Ash's traveling partners. At first, she seemed to have a very bossy personality towards Ash and Brock, but like Ash's other previous traveling partners, her character improves as the series moves forward. For those of you PokéShippers, I do sort of support/agree with you, but I still keep in mind that this hasn't actually been admitted by Misty herself.

Tracey: In my opinion, Tracey Sketchit actually made a great male companion before working with Prof. Oak. I'm not discouraging Brock in any way, but Tracey was more mature in a sense (not asking random women out in a goofy sense). Like many if you other users, I do agree that he shouldn't be treated much like a minor character.

Brock: Pretty self-explainitory. Sorry guys, I just don't have much to say about Brock.

Characters I don't like

Ritchie: Copycat of Ash, big time! Pikachu, Charmeleon, Butterfree, Taillow? You've got to be kidding me! Not only is he cloning Ash and his Pokémon, he also seems to insist on giving them nicknames! Sparky, Happy, Zippo, Rose? Can't he just realize that he and his Pokémon should be themselves?

May: She's just a clueless trainer in my opinion. She may be a decent Coordinator (better than Dawn), but she barely knows what she's doing as a trainer. And like Ritchie, she just gets the same Pokémon Ash has, in this case Bulbasaur and Squirtle. Lucky she even SAW a Bulbasaur in Hoenn, I could never do that in the games :(. Plus she doesn't even seem to care for Ash, like she'd rather travel with someone else.

Lance: He might be an Elite Four, but in the animé he thinks he's better than anyone else. He wouldn't let Ash help him defeat Team Rocket, Even when Ash has blasted 'em off like a million times! He even got to keep the Red Gyarados, when he already has one! Overall Lance, you need to learn from Ash and not be so know-it-all like!

Lyra: I already hated Lyra in the game, but when they put her in the anime with MY starter, I really didn't like her. I'm envious in the first place that she has a Marill, I didn't catch one myself until near the end of the game! Again, she had Chikorita! Now what's Ethan supposed to have? I get the feeling that, like May, she doesn't care about Ash at all, but in this case only cares about Dawn and Khoury (inviting Dawn on stage, and stopping Ash from catching a Gible to let Khory catch it!) And don't get me started on her spotlight hogger part (when she presents Johto starters)! Oh, and why does she keep calling Dawn "Dane"?

Iris: You probably know why. She's annoying and discourages Ash in like every episode (e.g. What a kid!, "You're such a kid!", etc.) And I have to agree with Georgia, SHE'S the kid! Her personality seems to be like Misty in the beginning, but so far I don't think she's changed really.

Zoey: She seems like more of a friend of Dawn's, then rival. In fact, SHE was the one who discouraged Ash from Contests, and made Ash give his Aipom to Dawn! Like Aipom should have been Dawn's in the first place and that Dawn can raise her better :8! Hello, Aipom chose Ash! I just think Zoey is treating Ash like he doesn't know what he's doing.

Stephan: He's just a clone of Morrison, and equally as annoying and arrogant. And I still pronounce his name 'Stephin'!

Morrison: When I first saw him, I was like, "Man, this guy needs to see a shrink or sone anger-management group!" And it's true!

Paul: He should be arrested for Pokémon abuse!

Virgil: He sorta talks like a snob, which cannot be good. And they really made him over-heroic, which I hate when they do, especially if it makes Ash like the weak ol' tag-a-long-er.

Love-Hate Characters

Gary: At first, he was very rude, a show-off, not to mention a cheater! But his character improved at the end of the original series, when he quit as a Trainer.

Dawn: Dawn, Dawn, Dawn. A girl with inconsistent character! At the beginning of DP, she was wayyyy too confident in herself. Its like she wasn't aware that things might not always go the way she thinks they will ('No need to worry', anyone)? However, she was a good friend. Up until BWS2. Things we're good, until the Onix Island episode when she fully became acquainted with Iris. It wasn't exactly a problem until when Iris did her infamous "What a kid!/You're such a kid!" catchphrase. I thought Dawn would stand up for Ash, but instead, she agreed with Iris and both of them said "What a kid!" and then ran off. Ash clearly was annoyed, and I was too. Did they really HAVE to make Iris and Dawn BFF's?! Anyway, I prayed that Carter Cathcart would change that line and he did. ("Sou, sou, a kid" → "Some things will never change")

Favorite Pokémon

  • Gyarados - How many other water - types can fly?!
  • Raichu - Great speed and attacks!
  • Wigglytuff - Not only does it have good defense, but it can learn moves of almost every type!
  • Meganium - The best Johto starter in my opinion.
  • Marill - I don't really know why I like Marill so much - maybe its cuteness?
  • Oshawott - Same with Marill, but I can definetly confirm its cuteness is the reason.
  • Aipom - How can you not be wild for monkeys?
  • Charizard -'s a very long story.

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