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Pokémon: Ultimate Legacy is a game currently being developed by a small group of people. For more information, see below.

Primary Designers:

Nick Brown (User:Mew master13) - Zach Brokaw (User:Pokérus) - Josiah Killam

Opening & Game Selection

As is the same in every Pokémon game, the introduction animations will be included at the beginning of the game. However, because Pokémon: Ultimate Legacy contains Pokémon Red, Blue, Yellow,Gold, Silver, Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire, Fire Red, Leaf Green, Diamond, Pearl, Platinum and re-mastered versions of the Generation II games (possibly called Bronze, Quicksilver, and Quartz) the player will be able to choose any game to play, excluding those omitted from above list. For example, the intro animation for Pokémon Red Version will come first. By pressing start, you will begin to play the chosen game. When you completely beat the chosen game, you will return home to your house and be prompted, "Would you like to continue your Pokémon legacy? Y/N" By selecting yes, you will see the credits and be brought to the intro for the next Generation. By selecting no, you are able to return to your present game or start over another of the same generation. Unfortunately, you cannot have files in 2 or more different games at the same time. This means you cannot interchangeably play, for example, Pokémon Yellow and Saphire Versions without losing all saved information. Pokémon: Ultimate Legacy, is only able to be played by successfully completing one game out of each generation of games.


This is to be the first Pokémon game to have every existing Pokémon catchable without cheaters, etc. They are also listed in a completely different order from other games, with the numbers 1-30* reserved for the Generation V starters, not Generation I, while the numbers 200-208 are for Generation IV starters, and so on. This is the first Pokédex that has all evolutions of Eevee next to each other, as well as the baby forms and evolutions of others, such as Electivire and Elekid. The list below has all of the known Tarroen Region Pokémon in the order they are to appear in. Soon, descriptions of all Pokémon in Ultimate Legacy will be listed on this or a similar page.


Pokémon: Ultimate Legacy is the first game to contain starters for each type, excluding Normal, Bug, Dark, Ghost, Steel, and Dragon. However, Pokémon like Delfury (006), Scarablaze (012) and Tigghoul (030) have secondary types.

The process of selecting the starter Pokémon is based on the time which you set your clock to. The Grass, Water and Ground starters appear in Prof. Maple's Labratory if your clock is set between 6:01 am and 9:00 am. You can also choose from the Rock, Flying and Fighting starters from 9:01 am and 1:00 pm; Electric and Fire and Ice starters between 1:01 pm and 6:00 pm. The Psychic starter is only available from



001. -- SEEDUM -- GRASS -- ACORN -- Z.B. - Gen. VII - 2005

002. -- SAPLINEA -- GRASS -- YOUNG TREE -- Z.B. - Gen. VII - 2008

003. -- OAKRANIUM -- GRASS/PSYCHIC -- GREAT TREE -- Z.B. - Gen. VII - 2005

004. -- FLIPPAL -- WATER -- TINY DOLPHIN -- Z.B. - Gen. VII - 2008

005. -- PORPLINGO -- WATER -- DOLPHIN -- Z.B. - Gen. VII - 2008

006. -- DELFURY -- WATER/DARK -- DOLPHIN -- Z.B. - Gen. VII - 2008

007. -- STONITE -- ROCK -- ROCK SOLDIER -- Z.B. - Gen. VII - 2006

008. -- ROKKING -- ROCK -- ROCK SOLDIER -- Z.B. - Gen. VII - 2006

009. -- SLATETITAN -- ROCK/STEEL -- ROCK TITAN -- Z.B. - Gen. VII - 2006

010. -- FLAMAGGOT -- FIRE/BUG -- MAGGOT -- Z.B. - Gen. VII - 2008