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User:Lokki teams Generation VIII+ Talkpage

Welcome to my userpage!

My name is Lokki. I come from the Netherlands, and I was born preciesly at the same day as the Japan Broadcast of Better Eight Than Never (フスベジム!さいごのバッジ!! Fusube Gym! The Final Badge!!) came. I also was born 7 days after the US Broadcast of Right on, Rhydon!.

P.S.Something about the usertags: I have 2 gerbils,so I used the tag twice... :)

To do


for myself:

User: Lokki/Good Gym Leaders (Adventures)

My Bulbapedia

I don't edit in one project, but in (mostly) Anime, Games, Manga and Locations. In the maintime i've made about 450 - 500 projects, but half of them are talkpage edits (from Users and other pages). For my contributions, see: this

Nowadays I don't edit much anymore, but I check on my account every once a week.*


Random Pokémon:
#176 Togetic
Lokki in Pokémon Gold and Silver
Age 15 (as of 6/01/2017)
Gender Male
Birthday June, 27
Eye color Brown
Hair color Dark Brown
Hometown Delft
Region Netherlands
Relatives Father, Mother, three sisters
Trainer class Trainer