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I know a lot of you have many Pokémon ideas. Well, you can post it here on the talk page (just as long as it's related to Pokémon and reasonable...)! The Dragon evolution of Eevee, the pre-evolution of Kangaskhan, or simply a myth explaining why Magikarp evolves into Gyarados and so on. You can even make up abilities or moves that you think are necessary! Name the idea, and post it up! Here are the restrictions though...

  • Two ideas per person per day (Note that you may comment on other's ideas as much though)
  • No foul language (I really don't care if you like typing like that)
  • As said earlier, REASONABLE IDEAS (post on talk page)
  • Bulbapedia and Wikipedia rules

Have fun!


  • There shall be Contests that make use of abilities.


  • There shall be a move called Devolution Beam. A highly dangerous move that may force opponents to lose some strong moves that the pre-evolutions cannot learn (e.g. Beldum losing the move Psychic due to pre-evolution from Metagross). This will continue until switched out.



Other Theories