This is a listing of merchandise of, or prominently featuring, Charizard.

Arcade games

Battrio pucks

Charizard has been featured on four different Battrio pucks. The first puck was released in the Darkrai Invasion expansion and was later reprinted for the Best Selection expansion. The second puck was released in the Mewtwo's Challenge expansion. The third puck was released in the Mysterious Mew expansion. The fourth puck was released in the Endless Fierce Battle expansion and was later released for the Great Gathering of Legendary & Mirage Pokémon! Explosive Double Moves expansion.


Nine different Tretta have featured Charizard. The first two were released in the Experience Mega Evolution! set. The third and fourth pucks were released in the Search! Strongest Friends set. The fifth and sixth pucks were released in the Search with Meowth! That Trio!! set. The seventh and eighth pucks were released in the Gather! New Leaguers set. A promotional puck was awarded to those who could defeat a team containing Charizard at various Tretta events.


Trading Card Game

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Charizard has had 24 different Pokémon Trading Card Game cards feature it. It has also been featured on the booster packs for the Base Set, Legendary Collection, Expedition Base Set, Mysterious Mountains, EX FireRed & LeafGreen, EX Crystal Guardians, Miracle Crystal, Flashfire (as Mega Charizard X and Mega Charizard Y), and Wild Blaze (as Mega Charizard X) expansions.

The Lava Theme Deck released during the Legendary Collection Series features Charizard. It was also featured in one of the Japan-exclusive Venusaur/Charizard/Blastoise Random Constructed Starter Decks released in the ADV Series. During the Platinum Series, Charizard was featured on one of the 2009 Collector's Tins with an exclusive reprint of Charizard   LV. X. In Japan, it was featured alongside Garchomp in the Garchomp vs Charizard SP Deck Kit.

In the XY Series, the M Charizard-EX Mega Battle Deck was released in conjunction with the Wild Blaze expansion while the Charizard-EX Box was released in conjunction with the Flashfire expansion; the Charizard-EX Box featured two promotional prints of Charizard-EX, one of which was a Jumbo card. Mega Charizard X and Mega Charizard Y pins were included in Mega Evoltuion Collector's Pin Blisters. The Mega Charizard Collection contained a figure of either Mega Charizard X or Mega Charizard Y; the Collection's equivalent outside of North America, the Mega Charizard Box, contained a Jumbo card of one of the Mega Pokémon. Two Elite Trainer Deck Shields, metal tins for carrying decks, featured Mega Charizard X and Mega Charizard Y. Finally, one of the EX Power Trio Tins features Charizard and contain a Charizard-EX.


The Pocket Monsters Carddass Trading Cards contained a Charizard card as well as a special card featuring Charizard along with the other two fully-evolved Kanto first partner Pokémon.

Scenes with Ash's Charizard and Charizardtwo from Pokémon the First Movie were depicted on several cards in the 1998 Meiji set.

The Pokémon the First Movie Trading Cards also had cards depicting the two Charizard from the movie as well as the Pikachu short; two other cards featuring Charizard and a sticker were included in the set as well. The Pokémon the Movie 2000 Trading Cards also contained a card depicting a scene with Ash's Charizard from Pokémon the Movie 2000.

One of the holographic cards in the Danone Pokémon Stadium Tip Cards is a Charizard.

A Charizard card was included in every series of the Pokémon Official Trading Cards: the first series' was a standard card, the second series' was a clear card, and the third series' was a pop-up card.

The Pokémon Advanced Challenge Trading Cards had a regular, embossed, and pop-up card of Charizard.


One of the collectible dog tags released by Toy Site in 1999 features Charizard.

Shirts, hats, scarves, and sweatshirts were among the merchandise available at the Charizard Pokémon Center promotion.



A Charizard was included in the first, second, fourth, and fifth generations of the Monster Collection. Charizard was also released as a Moncolle plus.

Trading Figure Game

Charizard was released in the Next Quest expansion of the Trading Figure Game as a regular and crystal figure. It was included in the Flamethrower and Battle Starter sets and was one of four possible figures bundled with the 2008 Spring Collector's Tins reissued for Target.


Charizard and its evolutionary relatives were released in SP01 set of Zukan figures.


Charizard was included with Omastar in Battle Figures packs exclusive to Target. It was also included in the Charizard Special Edition Battle Set.

Charizard and its evolutionary relatives were a part of the first release of Poké Ball Blasters.

A Charizard was included in the first release of Combat Figures as both a regular and Shiny figure.

The eighth release of Hasbro electronic figures contained a Charizard.

A Charizard Power Bouncer was a part of the toy's first release.


Charizard was one of the bean-filled plush figures in the second release from Hasbro.


The Charizard Pokémon Center promotion was a promotion exclusively for Charizard-themed merchandise, including towels, memo pads, and wallets.

One of the gold cards purchaseable from Burger King in 1999 featured Charizard.

A Charizard was one of the 2014 McDonald's promotional Pokémon toys. Along with Venusaur and Blastoise, it was not released in Australia.