Search with Meowth! That Trio!! (Tretta)

Search with Meowth! That Trio!!
ニャースとさがせ! あの3体!!
Tretta set 5 logo.png
Number of Tretta 48
Set number 5
Release date April 24, 2013
Witness Genesect!
Gather! New Leaguers

Search with Meowth! That Trio!! (Japanese: ニャースとさがせ! あの3体!!) is the fifth Pokémon Tretta set. It features 48 Tretta.


Search with Meowth! That Trio!! introduces the Search mechanic to Pokémon Tretta, which allows players to perhaps more easily select a desired location in Search Mode. For Tretta with the   icon, a blue marker will cycle clockwise around the six points in Search Mode. The player can confirm their selection by pressing one of the two buttons on the lower section of the console. Doing so will reveal the silhouette of a Pokémon found at that point, and then place an image of the Pokémon depicted on the Tretta used to denote that the point has been "Searched". If the player selects a point that already has a silhouette, the Pokémon is completely revealed. The process repeats if the player has more Tretta with the   icon, with the blue marker cycling faster each time.

Rayquaza is featured as the set's Legend-class Tretta. The Poison type is also introduced to Pokémon Tretta in this set, with all seventeen types, as at Generation V, now being represented by at least one Pokémon. All regular Tretta are colored yellow in this set. Cave replaces Beach in Search Mode with its last appearance as a location, while the other locations have a rainy season theme.

Set list

Tretta No. Name Type Class
5-00 Rayquaza    
5-01 Black Kyurem    
5-02 White Kyurem    
5-03 Genesect    
5-04 Charizard    
5-05 Serperior    
5-06 Emboar    
5-07 Samurott    
5-08 Vanilluxe    
5-09 Hydreigon    
5-10 Accelgor    
5-11 Mandibuzz    
5-12 Braviary    
5-13 Darmanitan    
5-14 Pikachu    
5-15 Black Kyurem    
5-16 White Kyurem    
5-17 Genesect    
5-18 Charizard    
5-19 Serperior    
5-20 Emboar    
5-21 Samurott    
5-22 Meowth    
5-23 Purrloin    
5-24 Croagunk    
5-25 Stunfisk    
5-26 Leafeon    
5-27 Glaceon    
5-28 Emolga    
5-29 Foongus    
5-30 Serperior    
5-31 Emboar    
5-32 Samurott    
5-33 Vanilluxe    
5-34 Hydreigon    
5-35 Accelgor    
5-36 Mandibuzz    
5-37 Braviary    
5-38 Darmanitan    
5-39 Pikachu    
5-40 Meowth    
5-41 Purrloin    
5-42 Croagunk    
5-43 Stunfisk    
5-44 Leafeon    
5-45 Glaceon    
5-46 Emolga    
5-47 Foongus    

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