Xerneas & Yveltal (Tretta)

Xerneas & Yveltal
Tretta set 11 logo.png
Number of Tretta 48
Set number 11
Release date July 10, 2014
Experience Mega Evolution!
Search! Strongest Friends

Xerneas & Yveltal (Japanese: ゼルネアスとイベルタル) is the third The Pokémon Tretta series set, and the eleventh overall. It features 48 Tretta.


Xerneas & Yveltal features the titular two members of the aura trio together as standard Tretta following their individual debuts as Legend-class Tretta in the previous two sets. The Pitch-Black Pokémon Darkrai is included as the Legend-class Tretta in this set, and the Lunar Pokémon Cresselia is included as the Secret Tretta, completing the lunar duo. The set also includes two more Pokémon that can Mega Evolve: Scizor and Lucario.

All standard Tretta in Xerneas & Yveltal are colored blue, breaking the color cycle pattern used over the last two series. Search Mode includes locations from Shiny Village, and for the first time since Search for the Legendary Pokémon!, introduces a new location: Mine. It is also the first set to have six possible locations in Search Mode as opposed to five.

The Fervor mechanic is again expanded slightly in this set. Using Tretta from the latest set may now elevate Pokémon to the "Best Condition" at the start of a round as opposed to just "Good Condition". Pokémon in "Best Condition" are identified with a bright yellow aura, with those in "Good Condition" or "Bad Condition" retaining their red and blue auras, respectively.

Set list

Tretta No. Name Type Class
02-00 Darkrai    
02-01 Xerneas    
02-02 Yveltal    
02-03 Greninja    
02-04 Lucario    
02-05 Darkrai    
02-06 Lucario    
02-07 Scizor    
02-08 Aegislash    
02-09 Hawlucha    
02-10 Noivern    
02-11 Klefki    
02-12 Pangoro    
02-13 Xerneas    
02-14 Yveltal    
02-15 Greninja    
02-16 Lucario    
02-17 Scizor    
02-18 Inkay    
02-19 Dedenne    
02-20 Carbink    
02-21 Pikachu    
02-22 Escavalier    
02-23 Quilladin    
02-24 Braixen    
02-25 Frogadier    
02-26 Aegislash    
02-27 Hawlucha    
02-28 Noivern    
02-29 Klefki    
02-30 Pangoro    
02-31 Inkay    
02-32 Dedenne    
02-33 Carbink    
02-34 Pikachu    
02-35 Escavalier    
02-36 Tyrunt    
02-37 Amaura    
02-38 Espurr    
02-39 Pumpkaboo    
02-40 Meowth    
02-41 Wobbuffet    
02-42 Stunfisk    
02-43 Piplup    
02-44 Rotom    
02-45 Snorlax    
02-46 Fletchling    
02-?? Cresselia  

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