Dragon Ascent! Black Mega Rayquaza Flight (Tretta)

Dragon Ascent! Black Mega Rayquaza Flight
ガリョウテンセイ! 黒いメガレックウザ飛翔
Tretta set 15 logo.png
Number of Tretta 48
Set number 15
Release date March 26, 2015
Invasion! Mega Rayquaza
Glaciate! Kyurem Assault

Dragon Ascent! Black Mega Rayquaza Flight (Japanese: ガリョウテンセイ! 黒いメガレックウザ飛翔) is the first set in the Pokémon Tretta Ultimate series, and the fifteenth overall. It features 48 Tretta.


Dragon Ascent! Black Mega Rayquaza Flight is the first set released as part of the Pokémon Tretta Ultimate series, which brings with it minor graphical changes to the interface and introduces a new Tretta class: Ultimate. Ultimate-class Tretta are colored gold and are rarer and more powerful in comparison to Legend-class Tretta. Ultimate-class Tretta also have a collection number of "XX" and have a number of additional features when used in Battle Mode:

  • Prominent Japanese characters in a calligraphic style display whenever a move is used, emphasizing the strength of those available to Ultimate-class Tretta.
  • A unique attack bonus mechanic. Instead of the Attack Bonus Roulette that appears for other classes before using a move, the Attack Bonus Slot (Japanese: アタックボーナススロット) appears for Ultimate-class Tretta, presenting the player with two reels. The left reel includes plus and minus signs, and the right reel includes values ranging from 5 to 50. Pressing the left and right buttons stop the respective reel. The value selected is either added to or deducted from the Pokémon's base attack, making Ultimate-class Tretta the only ones that may receive an attack reduction at this stage.
  • Super Catch Chance. If any opponent Pokémon are in the Catch Chance state (when their Catch Gauge is full and are unable to battle) when an Ultimate-class Tretta uses a move, Super Catch Chance (Japanese: 超ゲットチャンス Super Get Chance) will replace the normal Catch Chance and make the affected Pokémon easier to capture in Catch Mode.

The Ultimate-class Tretta for this set features a Shiny Rayquaza, which is capable of Mega Evolution.

The Pokémon Tretta Ultimate series also begins a new numbering system, with sets prefixed with a "U" and the set number starting at 1. In addition to the Ultimate-class Tretta, Dragon Ascent! Black Mega Rayquaza Flight features the Pokémon Tretta debut of Zygarde as a Legend-class Tretta, as well as another 6 Mega Evolution Pokémon: Garchomp, Pidgeot, Gardevoir, Manectric, Abomasnow, and Tyranitar. The Pokémon of Myth, Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina, are also collectively featured as both Master-class and Super-class Tretta. For the first time since their introduction in Chespin! Fennekin! Froakie!, there are no Secret Tretta included in this set. All regular Tretta in this set are colored lime green.

Dragon Ascent! Black Mega Rayquaza Flight also continues the cross promotion with the Pokémon anime started in Invasion! Mega Rayquaza with the inclusion of a Pancham based on the one belonging to Serena. This Pancham is similar to a promotional Tretta released in February 2015 in that it has a unique character model when used in-game featuring Serena's sunglasses.

Search Mode from this set reverts back to how it was before the release of Experience Mega Evolution! and removes the individual exploration of the three selected locations. The overall area has no name unlike past sets, though all locations have a spring theme. The Field location returns after a set absence and the (Mountain) Foot location makes a debut in this set. Waterfront and Park are no longer present.

Challenge Battle also adds to the Pokémon available as Extra Attackers from this set. Through repeated play, players can add the Legendary Pokémon Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem to their roster. These Pokémon are the same as those available through Extra Campaign mode present during the Fes series. Players who had already acquired any of these Pokémon by playing Extra Campaign cannot receive them again through Challenge Battle.

Set list

Tretta No. Name Type Class
U1-XX Rayquaza    
U1-00 Zygarde    
U1-01 Pancham    
U1-02 Dialga    
U1-03 Palkia    
U1-04 Giratina    
U1-05 Garchomp    
U1-06 Pidgeot    
U1-07 Gardevoir    
U1-08 Manectric    
U1-09 Abomasnow    
U1-10 Tyranitar    
U1-11 Goodra    
U1-12 Dialga    
U1-13 Palkia    
U1-14 Giratina    
U1-15 Garchomp    
U1-16 Pidgeot    
U1-17 Gardevoir    
U1-18 Manectric    
U1-19 Abomasnow    
U1-20 Tyranitar    
U1-21 Meowstic    
U1-22 Meowstic    
U1-23 Chespin    
U1-24 Fennekin    
U1-25 Froakie    
U1-26 Bulbasaur    
U1-27 Charmander    
U1-28 Squirtle    
U1-29 Goodra    
U1-30 Bulbasaur    
U1-31 Charmander    
U1-32 Squirtle    
U1-33 Togepi    
U1-34 Slowpoke    
U1-35 Farfetch'd    
U1-36 Magikarp    
U1-37 Yanma    
U1-38 Mr. Mime    
U1-39 Lunatone    
U1-40 Solrock    
U1-41 Koffing    
U1-42 Clefairy    
U1-43 Buizel    
U1-44 Bunnelby    
U1-45 Skiddo    
U1-46 Litleo    

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