Just not interrupt me... I am trying to make a line for the team of my imaginated perfect character. An unbeatable Pokemon master.

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He comes from the Solaceon Town in snowy Sinnoh region and he was in the same school class as James. When the city was attacked with Team Rocket's previous duo, an interesting Black Haunter attacked them and switched their minds. Soon, Black Haunter befriended Ade Tyshio, while James decided to rather follow the Team Rocket. After Black Haunter allowed Ade Tyshio to do that, Ade used his special Dusk Ball and caught Black Haunter, which became his first Pokemon. After Ade's mother, Jeanne, allowed him to go on his Pokemon adventure, he registered to the Sinnoh League and gone ahead, with hope to be an unbeatable Pokemon Master, the best of all.

But before he left his city, he thought about the Solaceon Ruins. He always feared to enter it, but with Black Haunter by his side, he dared to enter. While ruins were still terrifying him, he walked through it. Mysterious eyes all around, voices calling "uno, uno, uno..." was terrigying him even more. But as he walked further, something blocked his way, as the ruins were its possesion. And then band of mysterious Pokemon surrounded him and his Haunter. When Ade realized it is Pokemon, he used Pokedex to identify it. It appeared to be Unowns, kind of mysterious psi-pokemon. He quickly called for his Haunter to protect himself. When Unowns were trying to attack, Black Haunter used his Shadow Claws to fend them off. While some retreated, a group were still attacking with the white rays (which later appeared to be Hidden Power). After few next attacks of Haunter, one Unown lied knocked out. After his friends fled, Ade captured it and quickly retreated from Solaceon Ruins with his new U-Shaped Unown.