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Trainer data structure (Generation II)

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NPC Trainer data

Name Length
Name 2-8 bytes
Name string 1-7 bytes
Terminator 1 byte
Custom move marker 1 byte
Pokémon 2-6 bytes
Level 1 byte
Species 1 byte
Moveset 4 bytes
Terminator 1 byte

The in-game Trainer data is remarkably compressed.


This is a string going anywhere from 2 to 8 bytes, containing the Trainer's name and ending in a 0x50 terminator. The rival's name is represented by a single byte - 0xE6.

Custom move marker

This is one byte marking whether the Pokémon in the party have custom moves or not. If not, it is set to 0 - if so, it is set to 1.


Depending on whether the custom move marker was set or not, each Pokémon's data is either 2 or 6 bytes long. If the move marker was set to 0, the Pokémon's data simply contains the Pokémon's level and species, in that order. Otherwise, it contains the full moveset after the level and species - 1 byte per move.


This is a single byte (0xFF) which tells the processor to stop reading data.

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