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A special stage (Japanese: イベントステージ event stage) is a type of stage in Pokémon Shuffle that is made available for a limited time, usually giving access to Pokémon that cannot otherwise be found in the Main stages or Expert Stages. There are many different kinds of special stages, some of which have formats that are significantly different from standard stages.

The special stages area.
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Special stages are downloaded when the player uses the Check in function, which appears after clearing the first 11 stages of the game, and chooses to update to the latest version. Each stage can only be played during its limited event period, after which it will disappear from the special stage screen. Each period begins at 6:00 UTC on the first day of the event and ends at 6:00 UTC on the last day (excluding Competitive Stages, which end at 5:00 UTC). All special stages use "SP" as their stage number. Most have a first clear payout of Coin Shuffle.png Coins ×200. Additionally, some stages will grant the player prizes if certain conditions are met.

Pokémon Shuffle Mobile was released on August 25, 2015. Early in its life-cycle, it ran events on a different schedule from the 3DS version of Pokémon Shuffle. Unless explicitly noted, events released after this date can be assumed to be run on both platforms. Events preceding this date were only available on the Nintendo 3DS version.

End of service

In February 2018, both the 3DS and Mobile versions of the game received their final content update: special stages now automatically repeat on a 24-week schedule until 2037, with holiday-related events set to occur at the corresponding times every year. Genius Sonority has no plans to add more content to the game.

On March 31, 2023, at 6:00 AM UTC, the 3DS version's servers were shut down, disabling check in rewards and competitive stages. Since special stages automatically cycle after just a single download, non-competitive stages can still be played after the shutdown if they are already downloaded. However, if the system's date and time settings are changed, then these stages are blocked off: checking in would normally restore them, but that will no longer be an option[1].

Current stages

These types of stages appear in Shuffle's end of service gameplay. They also appeared during its live-service period.

Competitive Stage

Main article: Competitive Stage

In a Competitive Stage, the player battles an opponent with infinite HP to earn as high a score as possible, which is ranked against other players' scores. Once the event period ends, the player will receive prizes based on their rank. These stages usually feature Mega-Evolved Pokémon and prizes may include the Pokémon's Mega Stone. The cost per play is usually   Heart ×1.

Daily Pokémon

Main article: Daily Pokémon

The Daily Pokémon features 5 different Pokémon that can each be battled on different days of the week (Monday to Friday). The cost per play is   Heart ×1.

There were also two variants during the game's live service period: Special Daily Pokémon featured special forms of Pokémon (usually "winking"). Great Daily featured 7 Pokémon instead of 5 (covering every day of the week).

Escalation battle

Main article: Escalation battle

An escalation battle changes as it is played: each time it is cleared, the puzzle becomes harder, but the Pokémon will also be easier to catch. They also grant rewards after certain "levels". They often feature Legendary and Mythical Pokémon.

Great Challenge

Main article: Great Challenge

A Great Challenge has a move-limited format and features a wide variety of powerful Pokémon, including many Legendary and Mythical Pokémon.

High-Speed Challenge

Main article: High-Speed Challenge

A High-Speed Challenge has a time-limited format and features powerful Pokémon. Otherwise, they are similar to Great Challenges.

One Chance a Day!

Main article: One Chance a Day

One Chance a Day! or A Great Chance a Day! stages can only be played once per day. Otherwise, they are similar to Great Challenges.

Originally, this format was called "One Chance a Day!" and would usually last for a period of 4 days. A variant of this stage, A Great Chance a Day!, generally increased the catch rate for the featured Pokémon each day. In both types,   Personalized Skill Boosters can be dropped if the Pokémon was already caught; A Great Chance a Day! stages may drop Enhancements or other items as well.

In the game's end of service period, only A Great Chance a Day still appears, with each lasting 7 days. Catch rate no longer increases each day, although the base catch rates are much higher than during the live service period to compensate.

Pokémon Safari

Main article: Pokémon Safari

In a Pokémon Safari, several Pokémon can appear, as denoted by a question mark. Whenever a Safari stage is accessed, the player will battle one of the Pokémon that can appear in it, chosen at random. Different Pokémon have different rates of appearance, and there is no way to know which Pokémon will appear before playing - however, the pool of Pokémon that can appear will usually share one type weakness. The cost per play is   Heart ×1.

Resource events

Main article: Resource event

Resource events allow the player to reliably obtain certain items or resources (  Hearts,   Coins, or experience). These events fall broadly into two types: weekly and monthly/yearly. The weekly ones cost   Heart ×1 to play the first time, while the monthly and yearly ones are free; but after the first play, these stages become locked and can only be played further by spending   Jewels to unlock them. After a certain number of plays, these stages disappear.

In the game's end of service period, resource events occur weekly and monthly, but no longer yearly. All resource events no longer cost any   Hearts to play.

Special Challenge

Main article: Special Challenge

A Special Challenge features Pokémon that were already available in main stages or Expert Stages, though with a small chance to drop items such as   Raise Max Level Enhancements. These stages can be move-limited or time-limited.

UB Challenge

Main article: UB Challenge

A UB Challenge features Ultra Beasts. These stages only appear if the player has completed Stage 300, and they do not permit the use of items. Additionally, the player must pay   Coins ×20,000 to unlock the stage for up to 10 plays. These stages are move-limited.

Ultra Challenge

Main article: Ultra Challenge

An Ultra Challenge is generally a harder version of Great Challenges. Like Great Challenges, the format is move-limited and they feature powerful Pokémon; but the Pokémon usually have higher Attack Power.

Live service-only stages

These types of stages only appeared before Shuffle entered its end of service period.

An Evolving Challenge!

An Evolving Challenge! (Japanese: 進化チャレンジ Evolving Challenge) was limited to the Tepig evolution family. The event stages themselves have all been move-limited, though Emboar is unique in that, similar to Escalation Battles, its base catch rate slightly increases every time its stage is cleared.

Event Pokémon Type HP Moves Catchability EXP Cost Availability Notes
Base Bonus
Tepig Trots onto Stage!   Tepig Fire 3,982 18 5% 3% 5   Heart ×1 July 6 to 20, 2015 (3DS)
March 29 to April 19, 2016 (3DS and Mobile)
Reward:   Coins ×500 (3DS 2015 only)
Reappeared in Great Daily #3
Pignite Blazes onto Stage!   Pignite Fire 5,880 20 3% 3% 5   Heart ×1 August 3 to 17, 2015 (3DS)
April 1 to 19, 2016 (3DS and Mobile)
Reward:   Coins ×500 (3DS 2015 only)
Reappeared in Great Daily #4
Emboar Roars onto Stage!   Emboar Fire 7,593 22 Equal to the number of
victories against Emboar
3% 5   Heart ×1 September 4 to 18, 2015 (3DS)
April 5 to 19, 2016 (3DS and Mobile)
Reward:   Coins ×500 (3DS 2015 only)
Reappeared in Great Daily #4

Commemorative Event

Main article: Commemorative Event

Commemorative Event stages were released to celebrate various events and milestones. An event was often released to celebrate every million downloads of the game.

The first Commemorative Event was called Launch Special: Meet Mew (3DS) or Launch Special Stage (Mobile) and featured Mew.

Score Challenge

A Score Challenge (Japanese: スコアチャレンジ Score Challenge) challenges players to score as high as possible against an uncatchable opponent with infinite HP. Each stage has a number of target score thresholds, with rewards associated with each corresponding reward rank. Once the event period ends, the player is awarded all of the rewards for the thresholds that their high score exceeded. The stages cost   Heart ×1 per play, with no limit to the maximum number of attempts within the event period. It was introduced for the first time in July 2017 for Mobile version only.

Pokémon Type Moves EXP Availability Rewards Notes
  Mewtwo Psychic 16 0 July 21 to 24, 2017 (Mobile) Per table below N/A
  Miltank Normal 17 0 September 22 to 25, 2017 (Mobile) Per table below N/A
  Mimikyu Ghost 12 0 October 31 to November 7, 2017 (Mobile) Per table below N/A
  Kyurem Ice 15 0 December 26, 2017 to January 2, 2018 (Mobile) Per table below N/A
Rank Target Score Rewards
S 250,000   Raise Max Level ×3
A 200,000   Mega Speedup ×3
B 150,000   Skill Swapper
C 120,000   Skill Booster M ×2
D 100,000   Skill Booster M
E 80,000   Skill Booster S
F 60,000   Skill Swapper
G 40,000   Mega Speedup
H 20,000   Exp. Booster M ×2
I 10,000   Exp. Booster M ×2
J 5,000   Coins ×1,000
Rank Target Score Rewards
S 150,000   Level Up ×2
A 120,000   Raise Max Level ×3
B 100,000   Level Up
C 80,000   Skill Booster M ×2
D 60,000   Skill Booster M
E 50,000   Skill Booster S
F 40,000   Skill Swapper
G 30,000   Exp. Booster L
H 25,000   Mega Speedup
I 20,000   Exp. Booster M ×2
J 15,000   Exp. Booster M
K 10,000   Exp. Booster S ×2
L 5,000   Coins ×1,000
Rank Target Score Rewards
S 120,000   Mega Speedup
A 100,000   Skill Booster M
B 80,000   Skill Booster S
C 60,000   Skill Booster S
D 50,000   Exp. Booster L
E 40,000   Mega Speedup
F 30,000   Exp. Booster M ×2
G 25,000   Exp. Booster M
H 20,000   Exp. Booster S ×3
I 15,000   Exp. Booster S ×2
J 10,000   Exp. Booster S
K 5,000   Coins ×1,000
Rank Target Score Rewards
S 250,000   Raise Max Level ×8
A 200,000   Raise Max Level ×4
B 160,000   Raise Max Level ×2
C 120,000   Raise Max Level
D 90,000   Skill Swapper
E 70,000   Mega Speedup
F 50,000   Exp. Booster L ×2
G 30,000   Exp. Booster L
H 20,000   Exp. Booster M ×2
I 10,000   Exp. Booster M
J 5,000   Coins ×3,000

Try 'Em Items Stage

Main article: Try 'Em Items Stage

In a Try 'Em Items Stage, players are allowed to use items for free to capture a Pokémon.

In other languages

Special stages

Language Title
  Japanese イベントステージ
  French Niveaux Spéciaux
  Italian Livelli speciali
  Spanish Fases especiales

Specific stages

  English   Japanese   French   German   Italian   Spanish   Korean
An Evolving Challenge! 進化チャレンジ Una sfida in evoluzione!
Score Challenge スコアチャレンジ Niveau Score Record Reto de puntuación


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