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Generation VII

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Trivia: Generation VIII didn’t introduced Pokémon that evolves via trading as well.
** The {{player}}'s home in the original games is located on a {{rt|1|Alola|route}} and not in a city or town.
* Generation VII is also the only generation that did not introduce:
** A Pokémon that evolves through [[trade|trading]].
** A Pokémon with [[List of Pokémon with gender differences|gender differences]].
*** It did, however, introduce a gender difference for an {{p|Eevee|existing Pokémon}}, the first time since [[Generation IV]].
* Generation VII includes the most amount of core series games, having a total of six; this surpasses the previous record of five held by [[Generation III|Generations III]] and IV.
* Generation VII is the first generation to:
** Not introduce a Pokémon that evolves through [[trade|trading]].
** Introduce a main female antagonist in the [[core series]], [[Lusamine]].
** Remake [[Generation I|a previous generation]] that had already been remade in [[Generation III|another previous generation]].