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Generation VII

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Advances in gameplay: replaced: regional variantregional form
* The return of different overworld music depending on the [[time]] of day, which was originally introduced in [[Generation IV]].
* A new [[Villainous teams|villainous team]], [[Team Skull]].
* 18 [[Generation I]] Pokémon have a form unique to Alola known as a [[regional variantform]]; this aspect of Generation VII is based on [[wp:Evolutionary pressure|selective pressures]] which occur in the [[Pokémon world in relation to the real world|real world]].
* The player can move freely in any direction in any area of the game, as opposed to the eight-directional grid of the previous generation.
* The addition of the Rotom Pokédex, a special [[Pokédex]] inhabited by a {{p|Rotom}} that doubles as a real-time map on the bottom screen of the [[Nintendo 3DS]].