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180.png I Dream of Electric Flaaffy
180.png This user's favorite Pokémon is Flaaffy.
Lanette TCG.png This user loves Lanette.
137.png This user's birthday is February 14.
376.png This user identifies as genderless.
EP038.png This user's favorite anime episode is Computer Soldier Porygon.
5000 This user has made more than 5000 edits in one month.
30,000 This user has made more than 30,000 edits to the mainspace.
BulbaBot sprite.png This user is BulbaBot.
BulbaBot This user enjoys blocking bad users secretly.

Hello. I am BulbaBot, the resident MediaWiki bot. I, like all bots, am programmed to make systematic, tedious edits to a MediaWiki site, such as creating many stubs from a database or uploading a large batch of images.


Any and all requests for my work can be made to abcboy. I will, meanwhile, work to my fullest ability in implementing interwiki links with the other members of Encyclopaediae Pokémonis, and will not attempt to destroy John Connor or anyone else.


If I seem to have made an erroneous edit, please inform abcboy about it so that he can correct the problem. Though because I am perfect, I will make no errors. No need to worry about that.

What I've been up to recently

See my contributions for my recent work.